Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Investigate Mine

Ansicht vergrössern!

Office building

  • Talk to Gregor and ask him to create the diversion
  • Follow him up to the gate house
  • While Gregor is distracting the sentry, crouch and walk towards the main door - making sure the pacing guard is walking in the other direction or talking to the smoking guard
  • Once inside, turn to the left and read the notice on Kiefer.
  • Return to previous screen, walk through the door in the middle of the screen
  • Have conversation with guard, then proceed to the showers (door on the left)
  • Stay close to the cover by the door
  • Wait for one of the guards to leave the shower room, then creep up behind the remaining guard by the lockers and punch him from behind (do not fire your gun)
  • Search body for ammo
  • Use lift in bottom right hand corner to access canteen area
  • Ask technicians about the football match / Kiefer
  • Proceed to the far end of the canteen and use the lift to office 2

Ansicht vergrössern!Office Building
  • Knock out guard standing next to the lift
  • Take the door in the middle of the screen, then talk to the technician by the digger about the American agent.
  • Return to previous location
  • Proceed through door on the left (into office 3)
  • Proceed through door on the left (into office 4)
  • Interact with the computer terminal - look up information on kiefer
  • Back into office 3 - down the steps and through the door on the right
  • Up the stairs, down the corridor take the door on the right when the camera changes

Ansicht vergrössern!Maintenance Section

Mine session

  • Talk to the storeman
  • Walk through archway into test firing room
  • Interact with induction accelerator + plasma target
  • Find a test bolt, interact with the accelerator holding the test bolt, and fire at the target
  • Push the target out of the way
  • Repeat previous interaction to break the window

Ansicht vergrössern!Sampling Section
  • Interact with window (to climb out)
  • Interact with cable on the floor
  • Talk to storeman (about cable)
  • Threaten storeman (about cable)
  • Take pin from crate behind the player
  • Player will automatically combine the cable and split pin
  • Back to test firing room
  • Interact with accelerator while holding cable + pin
  • Access exterior ledge again
  • Interact with cable to traverse ravine
  • Overhear conversation between chi and tolstov in the adjacent room
  • Use Tolstov's computer to look up info on him
  • Can now look up info on Tolstov's daughter
  • Talk to Tolstov about his daughter
  • He is now more forthcoming - ask about the mine section B etc.
  • Walk to the locked door on the left of the screen - Tolstov will now open it
  • Reply to Kostov's mail - asking for help

Ansicht vergrössern!Pithead Rooms
  • After the diversion - run across to the door on the right
  • Turn to the left corridor
  • Take the first door on the right of the screen
  • Talk to the technician
  • Access computer terminal - view information on the lift systems
  • Proceed through door in the middle of the screen
  • Avoid patrolling guards
  • Take the door at the end on the right
  • Examine lift
  • Take door on the right of the screen
  • Examine fuse
  • Take the other door to the lift anti room
  • Take lift down to mine workings

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