Mainland Base: Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Mainland Base

  • Start mission.
  • Climb the ladder.
  • Move carefully over to the building with all the guards. Cord should start talking.
  • Creep up to the fence using darkness for cover.
  • Wait until the fence guard has moved away.
  • Move to the large tyre propped against the fence the fence and interact with it a couple of times.
  • When the guards aren't looking, move trough the gap and find some cover behind boxes.
  • Being careful that the guards don't spot you, move up to the maintenance building (with the garage door)
  • Climb the ladder to the roof of the maintenance building.
  • The guard from the fence should walk into the building. Look into one of the windows. The guard is watching tv.
  • Interact with the tv aerial a couple of times then hide from the guard behind the thing near the ladder. Punch him from behind or shoot him when he's checking the aerial. Search him for his pass card.

  • Go down the ladder and into the maintenance building (use the pass card to get in).
  • Find the light switch near the tv and turn the outside light on and off to attract the guard outside. Then hide and kill him when he comes in.
  • Go to the other building. Use the pass card to enter. Talk to the technician inside.
  • Place the EMP mine in the recharge point.
  • Use the technicians console to recall the robots. The should come into the building and get zapped. The technician will give you some useful information.
  • After the robot has been zapped go back to the fence. There is a building near it with a gas pump. Turn the gas on with the valve wheel and ignite it with the pocket lighter.
  • Cross the compound again and go through the gate. The session will change to the cable car building.
  • Go up the stairs and through the door. There is a door that you can't open so go up the ladder.

  • Kill the guards and move over to the SAM launcher. Interact with it and ask the remora to find targets. Launch the missile.
  • Go back to the compound session.
  • Walk through the compound (probably best to ignore the guards here) and through the gap in the fence.
  • Go to the bunker building and kill the guards outside. Go in and access the console.
  • Return to the monorail tunnel. Gregor has turned up and he gets violent. Chi shoots him. Download the code from the remora into the monorail door and go through.
  • Shoot all the guards and proceed across the floor. You will trip an alarm which brings down a guard who releases minibots. Kill these.
  • The elevator won't work any more so climb the maintenance ladder to get to the top of the train. Go along the top of the train killing any guards.

  • Climb the ladder and walk to the iris door. It will open and you should quickly shoot the guard inside.
  • Go through the door and shoot the guard. Go through the next door. Chi gives instructions to take the left side. Kill everything in this room and go into the next one. Look at the console. It is decided that you go on while Chi stays behind to operate the controls. Go down in the personnel lift.
  • Go over to the cargo lift console and use it to open the cargo bay doors. Use the cargo lift to take you up into the cable car building.
  • Kill the guards here. Call down the personnel lift and go up.
  • Plant your EMP mine in the recharge point. Use the terminal to open the security doors. The robot gets zapped.
  • Return to the terminal to set the cable car moving. Run through the security door and the next door to the outside of the building. Run around the walkway to jump onto the roof of the cable car.

Island Base

Ansicht vergrössern!

Docking Level

  • Crouch behind crates to avoid being seen by patrolling guard
  • Wait for him to walk the other way, then take him out with a silent attack.
  • Interact with console and rotate turn table 3 places in either direction
  • (orientation stays the same, but the direction of travel on the conveyor is now the opposite)
  • Step onto the conveyor - do not walk or run as the guard will hear you and alert the robot.
  • Access the pump room
  • Use the ladder to access the raised platform
  • Knock out the guard
  • Access the console
  • Rotate turntable 2 places anti clockwise
  • Cross the turntable - again do not walk or run
  • Access cable car upper

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