Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Ansicht vergrössern!Docking Level Layout:
  • Being careful not to wake the robot….
  • Access console and rotate turntable 1 place clockwise
  • Take the emergency power pack
  • Cross bridge to access adjacent raised area
  • Use turntable to access target location
  • Keeping out of sight of the robot, plant an emp mine. Hide behind crates and wait for the robot to deactivate.
  • Call lift
  • Insert power pack
  • Take lift down to manufacturing

Ansicht vergrössern!Manifacturing Area Layout

Manufacturing Level

  • Take the door to the power room
  • Walk around the gantry to the next door.
  • Try lift button - it doesn't work
  • Walk up to door button - realise there is a robot in the adjacent location (can walk in and not get shot if the remora doesn't bleep)
  • Turn valve wheel to attract the attention of the technician
  • Talk to technician - Either let him turn the wheel, or do it yourself - but the technician must not take the lift back down to the floor below so knock him out

  • Take the lift down
  • Run past the guards to the door on the right
  • Use scanner in front of the nearby with the door button. - see patrolling guards
  • Use stair case
  • Take door into adjacent location - see patrolling guards
  • Take either door but enter the room with the guard and the recharge point
  • Kill the guard, insert an EMP mine
  • Access adjacent location and cross the gantry
  • Walk through door, but stand in the doorway
  • Shoot guard and attract robot
  • Run back across the gantry, into the location with the recharge point
  • Robot should be deactivated
  • Go back to the robot's original room
  • Take the door on the left
  • Take stairs down to the door on the right
  • Access lift area - kill guard
  • Take lift down to the security session

Ansicht vergrössern!Security Area Layout

Security Level

  • Take the only door available into the connecting corridor
  • When the robot isn't looking use the door on the left of the screen to access the interrogation room
  • Talk to the technician and find out where the door control room is
  • Use the remora scanner to watch for patrolling robots
  • Access connecting corridor again
  • Use crates in the foreground to hide behind and wait for the patrolling robot
  • When he is facing in the other direction - run through the door on the right to…
  • The security command room
  • Take the first door on the right.
  • Continue into the next room and down the stairs. This is Alexandra's cell but there's no way to release her.
  • Go back
  • Listen for the robot from the connecting corridor and the guard from the lift area
  • When all is clear re enter the security command room

  • Hide behind the crates (crouching) so that neither robot can see the player
  • When the robot in this location turns to face the robot from the connecting corridor…
  • Crouch walk to the door next to the boxes
  • Proceed through this corridor into the door control room
  • Knock out guard
  • Access console
  • Select door security controls
  • You can not release Alexandra's cell door (2)
  • Lock door 4 when robot is in the room with crates….
  • This makes the security room robot come and check the door controls
  • Lock doors 9 + 10
  • Wait for robot to access previous corridor, then lock door 7
  • Lock door 12 when robot is not in lift area
  • Release doors 9 and 11 (the lift door)
  • All robots are now locked out of the way
  • Release locked draw from console.
  • Wait for lift guard to be as far away as possible…
  • Shoot command room guard…then lift guard when he runs in
  • Get security pass from locked draw
  • Access main lift

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Cold Blood

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