Escape Island: Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Ansicht vergrössern!Reactor Area Bottom Floor:

Reactor Level

  • Take main lift down to the quayside, and see there are far too many guards
  • Take main lift up to the reactor level (2)
  • The middle door is locked
  • Take the door on the right of the screen into the control room
  • Wait for patrolling guard to be walking away from the camera
  • Run down stairs and knock out guard at console
  • Shoot patrolling guard
  • Access console
  • Look up all information on reactor and unlock the pump room door
  • Back up the stairs to the internal lift in the middle of the screen
  • Access the area above

Ansicht vergrössern!Reactor Area: Top Floor:
  • Talk to the technician - specifically about the auxiliary pump
  • Take the main lift up to the cable car docking area
  • Insert EMP into the recharge point
  • Shoot at robot to attract it's attention
  • It will turn round and come for the player, so deactivating itself.
  • Access Auxiliary pump, and deactivate it with the valve wheel on the wall
  • Return to reactor level
  • Go to the pump room - the door should now be unlocked
  • Deactivate primary pump
  • Quayside guards leave for the cable car docking area
  • Main lift is in use
  • Access control room - take internal lift to area above
  • Cross bridge to adjacent area
  • Use internal lift to area below
  • Kill guard
  • Take the access lift down to the quayside

Ansicht vergrössern!Quayside Layout:
  • All the guards have left except 1 - shoot him
  • Use staircase to command room
  • Interact with console…..
  • Cut sequence - game goes real time

Escape Island

  • Talk to Alex
  • Take the main lift down to the quayside
  • Proceed to the dockside bridge and find it is in the down position.
  • Access the console in the command room
  • Try to raise the bridge
  • Take the main lift up to the cable car docking area
  • Take power pack from the external power source next to the emergency lift
  • Return to the command room
  • Insert power pack and raise bridge
  • Cross bridge and head for the chopper
  • Shoot the guards
  • Interact with the chopper to try and start it
  • Chopper part is damaged in the shoot out
  • Return to the console in the command room and look up info on part
  • Take the main lift to manufacturing session
  • Avoiding the patrolling robot, proceed to machine room
  • Get the chopper part and limpet mine to rescue Alex
  • Again avoid the patrolling robot, and head back to the main lift
  • Free Alex by using the limpet mine on the cell door
  • Return to the chopper on the quayside
  • Interact with chopper while holding part
  • Run end sequence


Ansicht vergrössern!Sub-Bridge - Plan View
  • Move along the deck toward the hole and kill the guards. Interact with the hole to drop down onto the bridge.
  • Shoot the sailors who arrive in short order.
  • Head toward the right of the screen, towards the bows. Kill a guard in the next room and move on.
  • Cord and Chi arrive at the door to the secure room. The lift suddenly arrives and a sailor shoots at them. He must be killed.
  • Interact with the secure door. Chi tells Cord that she can break the lock.- she will radio when she has broken the lock. Cord tells her that he will look for a way to stop the launch

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