Komplettlösung Cold Blood

  • Now that the lift is open, take it to get to the lower missile bay and then climb down the ladder to the maintenance corridor. Kill the guards here.
  • Climb the ladder at the far end of the maintenance corridor and look at the safe in this room. Take the lift to return to the upper bridge.
  • Cord proceeds towards the rear of the sub. Talk to the technician in the room with no consoles (barracks?).
  • Continue toward stern and kill the guard in the engine room. If you wish, go into the security office at the end of the engine room and examine the safe there.
  • Return to the missile bay, where Chi is still working on the lock. Before Cord arrives…
  • Chi finishes cracking the lock and stands. Suddenly the door flies open. Lukyan strides forward. Cut back to Cord. Message arrives - Chi tells him that she is in trouble - he's on his own.

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Look in the secure room and find the captain cowering. Captain thanks Cord for rescuing him. He gives Cord the combination to the safe in the office, which contains the captain's launch key.
  • Go back to this office and get missile key.
  • Having found the first key, Cord rushes to the bridge.
  • Lukyan jumps from above and knocks Cord over. Cord loses his gun. The gun spins off the edge into the turbine. Cord stands up and, if he does nothing, or anything apart from punch then he is immediately hit by Lukyan and falls into the turbines. The player must immediately punch Lukyan in which case he hits Lukyan, Lukyan staggers back, Cord automatically hits him again, and he falls into the turbines.

  • Continue to bridge. Puts key into console in bridge. Cord automatically tries the REMORA which offers to attempt to override the remaining key 2 security. As it does so, the lift cage snaps open and Nagarov walks out. Nagarov has his gun pointing at Cord. Cord is unarmed. Nagarov tells him that he would need a second key anyway - and that he has hidden it. The missiles will launch shortly - the ghosting is still functional - but the hull is to weak to survive the damage.
  • There is an explosion which drops a beam onto Nagarov who is pinned to the rail around the periscope. His gun drops and rolls under a console. Nagarov must be searched to find a small key. By now Cord has only a few moments to stop the launch.
  • The key is locked in the safe in the lower bridge. Cord must hurry here and open it, then back to the bridge to stop the launch.

  • If he tries to climb up and onto deck then we stop him from doing so - he needs to rescue Chi. He returns to find Chi handcuffed to a pipe in the maintenance corridor. She tells him to hurry - the submarine can't last much longer. He unlocks her with the small key Nagarov was carrying. Play the final sequence which starts with both of them in the maintenance corridor

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Cold Blood

Cold Blood
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