Pentagrad HQ: Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Ansicht vergrössern!Mine Workings

Mine workings session:

  • Take the door on the left
  • Talk to the technician - player knows to disable the main lift
  • try the emergency lift - player knows to enable from switch room
  • Take the main lift back up to the previous session
  • Return to switch room and access console
  • Enable emergency lift
  • Take main lift to mine workings
  • Return in emergency lift
  • Remove the main lift fuse - (this will slow the robot down)
  • Return to the safety lift
  • Access the mine workings again
  • Knock out standing guard
  • Take cover behind the barrels
  • Wait for alerted guard, to investigate dead guard
  • Punch him when he's facing the other way
  • See patrolling guard, wait to walk off screen
  • Run up and take cover behind the mine cart

  • Punch the patrolling guard, and shoot last remaining guard
  • Interact with fusion cutter - knows need power cell
  • Return to main lift location
  • Take the tunnel on the left of the screen
  • Mini gun tracks Cord's entrance into this location
  • Run past the lasers while they are in the off position
  • Interact with locked door to see where to finish mission
  • Climb down ladder
  • Interact with Kiefer to pull out his body
  • Interact with Kiefer to search his body
  • Find power cell and information
  • Access previous location
  • Cross bridge and return to fusion cutter
  • Interact with fusion cutter while holding power cell
  • Interact again to fire it
  • Avoid robot
  • Run off the right hand side of the screen
  • Run down the tunnel away from the camera
  • Run towards mine car and interact with it
  • Mission complete

Pentagrad HQ

Ansicht vergrössern!Sewer Entrance Map
  • Start mission.
  • When the robot comes into view it will start its patrol.
  • Walk around the walkways until you get to a point near to where the robot disappeared and hide behind the crates/boxes.
  • When the Robot has returned and then moves off on its patrol again, follow after it at a discrete distance, making sure it doesn't see you.
  • Once inside the recharge room, make sure that you stop just inside the doorway because if you get too close the static robot in here will become active and start to shoot at you.
  • Place the EMP mine into the recharge point and walk over to the gap between the crates and the wall and duck behind them.
  • Wait until the patrolling robot returns and is zapped.
  • Leave the EMP mine in the recharge point. Let Cord stand once more and make sure he is facing the static robot.
  • Draw the gun and shoot the static robot to draw its attention

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Immediately it starts turning towards you, duck behind the table once more. The robot will move towards Cord but get killed before it gets there.
  • Retrieve the EMP mine. (This is not actually necessary as there are no other robots in this section, but the player won't know this.)
  • Move out of the recharge room and into the corridor. There are two doors opposite, each of which leads into an interrogation room. The guards in here should be ignored to avoid raising the alarm.
  • Move to the other section of corridor and then walk towards the camera.
  • Interact with the grill/window on the cell door nearest the camera. After a brief pause the view changes to a camera inside the cell where Alexandra is pacing up and down.
  • Talk to Alexandra. It is important that you do so or you will not be able to progress. Particularly you must talk to her about her father or you will get nowhere at all

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • After the conversation, walk down to the other end of the corridor and interact with the door. The door is locked and cannot be opened even with the remora.
  • Return to the cell and talk again to Alex about the door. She will tell you that it's locked, but that she can call a guard who will come down and open it in the process.
  • Hide in the adjoining corridor. When the guard comes down kill him. You must kill him by coming up behind him and punching him to avoid setting off the alarm.
  • Once the guard is dead you can move through the previously locked door and into the rest of the building.
  • In the stairwell area there are two other doors and the stairs to the ground floor. One of the doors cannot be opened without a pass card. One of the doors leads to the storage room and contains a sewer key, pick it up.

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