Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Ansicht vergrössern!First Floor Layout
  • Take the stairs up to the ground floor.
  • The ground floor must be played carefully. If you get your gun out and try to kill the officers an alarm will be sounded which effectively prevents you from completing the mission.
  • Walk through the door at the rear of the location behind the stairwell. You will find yourself in the building's main lobby.
  • Talk to the officer in here. This is forced on you the first time, but you will need to talk to him again later.
  • Do not walk under the arch. It will detect your gun and sound an alarm.
  • Go over to the stairs and go up to the first floor.
  • Immediately you go up to the first floor an alert is sounded and you are asked to leave. Go down the stairs again quickly.

  • Turn around immediately and return to the ground floor. You need to turn off the automatic guns on the landing. In order to do this you need to find out where the controls for them are located.
  • Back on the ground floor you must talk to the officer in the lobby who will tell you that you need to ask the duty officer about the gun controls.
  • Go into the rooms on the left of the lobby screen and talk to the officers in here and ask about the duty officer or the guns.
  • Find the showers/toilets and talk to the duty officer who is in here. You will find out that he's put his pass card in his locker and the controls are in the power room.
  • If you return and question the other officers again you can find out that there is a roster pinned up in the briefing room.
  • Find the briefing room and look at the roster to find the duty officer's name.
  • Go into the duty office and use the computer with your Remora to search for details on the duty officer. One of the things you find out is the security number of his locker.

  • Go to the locker room and find the duty officer's locker (this is at the rear of the location). You can now get access to his locker and get his pass card.
  • Return to the basement and find the power room (next to the stairs).
  • Use the card on the card slot and gain entrance to the room.
  • Inside you need to use the Remora on the control panel by the door. This gives you access to the controls for the guns and you can disable them.
  • Return to the ground floor and then go straight to the first floor.
  • The guns being disabled means that you can move about in this level fairly freely. However, if you try and get past the guards they will stop you.
  • Go through the door at the far end of this location, try to ignore the man in this room and go through the other door
  • You will see a ladder sticking down from an access hatch in the ceiling.

Ansicht vergrössern!Roof
  • Us the sewer key on the access ladder to pull it down and then climb the ladder.
  • You will find yourself in a store room -- leave this room.
  • Head to the other side of the landing pad and enter the double doors over here.
  • In this location you must interact with the grill on the floor.
  • The camera cuts to a view through the grill and you will see an important conversation between Nagarov, Lukyan and Chi. A guard enters at one point to announce that your presence has been discovered, so you need to take care from that point.
  • After the conversation the control returns to you. Go back the way you came to return to the interior of the building. You now find that all of the guards and officers have been put on alert and will shoot you as soon as they see you.
  • Leave the toilets. There is a short sequence with the accountant - ignore him.
  • Leave this room and then go into the room the guard was guarding (The main guards have left with Nagarov). Kill the officer in this room.

  • Go into the main office -- this is where you spied on the conversation. At the far side of the room is the main-server where you need to plant the bug.
  • After planting the bug you find that there is a protocols conflict.
  • Leave the room by the nearest door and you will be in a small corridor. Enter the room on the opposite side of the corridor and talk to the computer programmer in here. He will download the protocols onto your Remora.
  • Return to the main office and upload the protocols onto the main-server. This is the first objective completed.
  • Return to the landing and then enter the room on the left of this location.
  • Go through the other door in this location and then find the computer in here (it is similar to the main-server).
  • Try to take out the data cell. You will find that it is stuck and you need something to prise it out.

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