Land Train: Komplettlösung Cold Blood

  • Return to the ground floor where you will find that three officers will appear and start shooting at you. You need to dispatch them as quickly as possible.
  • Find the quartermaster and ask him about a device to remove hard drives. He will tell you that he has some in a drawer in the other part of the store-room.
  • Go through to the other area and interact with the drawers by the door -- you will now have a removal clip in your inventory.
  • Return to the first floor and to the computer with the hard drive you need to remove. Use the clip on the hard drive and remove it. This is your second objective achieved and you now can leave the building by the way you came in.

Land Train

Ansicht vergrössern!Car #5 - Underside Ledge and compartment:
  • Wait for the section to load and for Cord to throw his snow suit away.
  • Walk over to the door and stand so Cord is facing it, at which point you can interact with it. Bring up your inventory and choose the limpet mine and then interact with the door.
  • As soon as Cord has placed the limpet mine on the door, walk him away and out of sight of the door so he doesn't get blown up by the explosion.
  • After the door is open walk through into the Engine Room.

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Walk around the corner of the L-shaped walkway until the camera changes view.
  • Just to the character's left is an object with flashing lights on it. This is the fire detector.
  • Use the lighter from your inventory on the fire detector.
  • Wait for the technician to come down in the lift and have a conversation with her.
  • Walk over to the lift and enter it and you are transported to the Ready Room.

Ansicht vergrössern!Car #5 - Main level:
  • Draw your gun immediately as there are two guards in the Ready Room who must be killed very quickly before they have a chance to realise you're not the technician.
  • Move over to the door, but instead of opening it, use the Remora to perform a scan of your surroundings.
  • You will see a robot waiting outside in the corridor - if you wait you'll see it's not going anywhere. Might as well risk it - go through the door.
  • As Cord spots the robot, it moves off on a patrol. Walk out into the corridor and turn to the right.
  • Run along the corridor to the far end. The camera will change as you get to the far end. Move towards the door straight ahead. It will open automatically and you should walk into the room.
  • Turn immediately to the left as you go in until the re-charge point is highlighted (not the door button) and then use the emp mine on the recharge point.

  • As soon as it is in place move quickly out of the room before the patrolling robot comes into the room from the opposite door.
  • When you have seen the patrolling robot get zapped retrieve your EMP mine.
  • Go back into the corridor you entered this room from and open the other door in here. Walk into the Comms Room.
  • Use the Remora on the computer in here and you will find information about the Comms Room being used as a secondary bridge.
  • Return to the room where you 'killed' the robot and go through the door at the far side.
  • You are in a corridor with a guard stationed about halfway down. You need to kill him and keep alert as killing him brings out a series of guards from the side rooms.
  • The best way to do this is to draw your gun and shoot the first guard. Then immediately jump to the left so you are hiding behind the crates on the left (near the door). As the other guards appear you can jump out of cover and take pot shots at them until they have been killed.

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Cold Blood

Cold Blood
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