Komplettlösung Cold Blood

  • Once all of the guards are dead you can move down the corridor and enter the room on the left.
  • You can use your Remora on the gun controls to get information about the gun.
  • Go back out into the corridor and through the door at the far end.
  • Kill the guard and be wary because if he sees you before you've killed him he sends out an alert which causes another guard to come running. Dispose of this guard, too.
  • Go through the door immediately opposite.
  • Talk to the prisoner. The prisoner gives you information you need to progress. The main being the bomb information and the existence of the re-timer key. He also gives you his name allowing you to look up details on the computer. The bomb's timer will appear on screen and begin counting at this point.

  • Go into the room next door and use the Remora on the computer to look up information on the prisoner. You find that his possessions are in locker 23. You need to keep the contact with the computer open and use the remora to unlock the locker, choosing security operations to do so.
  • Go over to the locker and open it and take out the probe.
  • You can go and kill the guards in the firing range if you wish. (out of the current room and through the far door and then through the opposite door). The firing range has a supply of Ammo for when this is implemented.
  • Return to the room with the dead robot and take the door on the right wall.
  • Walk along the corridor and enter car 4.
  • You will notice that there is a security laser across the door opposite barring your way.
  • Return to car 5.
  • Make your way to the Comms Room and use the Remora on the controls.
  • Choose terminal operations and then choose to deactivate the laser - the ones in the other cars are automatically done too.

Ansicht vergrössern!Car #4 - Main level:
  • Return to car 4.
  • Walk through the first room into the short corridor. Turn to face the door on the left and use the Remora to scan into the Room.
  • A robot can be detected patrolling inside the room.
  • Wait until it reaches a point just past the door and then close the Remora scan down.
  • Open the door and enter the room.
  • As the robot is facing away from you it won't see you. Turn Cord to his left and use the emp mine on the recharge point.
  • Walk over to the boxes and hide behind them making sure that Cord is well out of view.
  • When the robot comes around he is zapped by the mine and you are then able to recover it.
  • Walk over to the lift and descend to the Lower Cargo Bay.
  • Kill the guard but not the technician.
  • Talk to the guard while holding your gun on him to ask about a crate.

  • Use the Remora on the computer to find the location of the crate of coils.
  • Call the other lift and use it to go up to the Starboard Cargo Bay.
  • Take out the three guards as quickly as you can.
  • Turn to the crate in the foreground (crate 66) and use the bomb probe on it.
  • Walk to the other end of the room.
  • Take the door on the left of the screen out onto the walkway and climb the ladder.
  • On the roof walk towards the right and then turn left. As soon as the gun starts to shoot head back.
  • Make your way back to car 5 but just before you leave car 4 use the remora on the panel to the left of the exit door. Doing this enables you to cut communication between car 5 and the rest of the land train.
  • Go to the Comms Room and use the remora on the controls. This hacks into the controls and authorises the gun controls.
  • Go to the Gun Room and use the Remora on the controls. You can now target and destroy the gun on the top of car 4.

Ansicht vergrössern!Car #3 - Main level:
  • Once destroyed make your way back to car 4 and across the roof safely.
  • Kill any guards you see as you descend the ladder at the other side.
  • Enter the door on the walkway and kill the guard in here.
  • Walk through into the next room and then through the door on the right of the screen.
  • Walk down the corridor and enter Car 3.
  • Proceed into the next corridor
  • Interact with the ladder
  • Climb ladder onto the roof
  • Use the other ladder to descend onto the walkway
  • Proceed through the large door
  • Walk through the door on Cord's right ( the one in the centre of the screen)
  • Follow patrolling guard down the corridor and then run through the door on the left
  • Take the lift down to the vehicle bay
  • Wait for ground floor guard to turn away then silent attack (interact)

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Cold Blood

Cold Blood
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