Komplettlösung Cold Blood

  • Climb ladder and shoot 2nd guard
  • Proceed round gantry and use ladder to the Rec room
  • Walk up to the door and…….
  • Use the REMORA to scan for the patrolling robot
  • Wait for it to pass the door, nip out and plant EMP mine in the recharge point
  • Use door in left foreground to access the next corridor
  • The robot will be deactivated but leave the EMP mine in recharge point
  • Use the REMORA to over ride security lockout on the door on the right
  • Run back into previous corridor…….
  • And then back into the Rec room
  • Use the motion scanner to see the robot deactivated
  • Re-enter previous corridor
  • Take EMP mine
  • Back into the corridor with the high security lock…….
  • Which is now open

Ansicht vergrössern!Car #2 - Main level:
  • Proceed through the next 2 locations into car 2.
  • Proceed through the link room into the next corridor
  • Take the door on the right and walk down to the missile tube with the maintenance sign
  • Use the REMORA on the console and open the top hatch
  • Walk back through to the previous corridor and proceed through the door on the left
  • Shoot the guard
  • Chat to the technician
  • Take the lift down to the missile storage bay
  • Proceed to the third missile tube
  • Use the REMORA to open the bottom hatch
  • Try to deploy maintenance platform
  • Take the lift back up to the location above and ask the technician who would issue a maintenance order
  • Return to the comms room in car 5 to issue the maintenance order
  • Back again to the missile storage bay to deploy the maintenance platform
  • Use the platform to access the roof.
  • Take the exit near the top of the screen, to a walkway

  • Proceed through the location the walkway leads to into the next corridor
  • The door on the right is locked, and can only be opened from the robot recharge room. The other door in this corridor leads to the recharge room and should open from both sides, but as of 21-03-2000 it doesn't open from the corridor - you'll have to go back across the roof to get there.
  • But the robot is alerted if the player goes too close to the required door switch
  • Attract the robots attention by shooting at it or getting too close
  • Then run through the corridors and outside onto the walkway, use the ladder to access the roof
  • Across the roof to the other walkway ladder
  • Enter the robot room and use the EMP in the recharge point
  • Run through into the next location

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Use the motion scan to see that the robot is deactivated
  • Return to the robot room
  • Interact with the door switch
  • The door that was previously locked is now open
  • Proceed through the next 2 locations into car 1
  • Cord should first go through the link room, the room beyond it and then the corridor beyond that.
  • He should go through the far exit rather than the one nearest to him. He will be behind a patrolling guard.
  • Kill the guard.
  • Enter the room nearest to the camera in this new corridor.
  • A guard is holding Chi hostage. Wait until she kicks him and gets clear. Draw and shoot the guard.
  • Go back down the corridor, down the previous corridor and through the left hand door nearest the camera.
  • Kill the guard.

  • Approach the camera and enter the nearest door to it on the right.
  • Kill the officer.
  • Open the wall safe and take the keys.
  • Return to the link room.
  • Interact a key with the key unit on the right of the door.
  • Talk to Chi.
  • Interact a key with Chi to give it to her.
  • Repeat the key interaction with the unit.
  • Go back to the corridor that led to the room in which Chi was held hostage and go into the cell furthest from the camera on the left (cell 04).
  • Interact with the ladder, Cord notes that the access hatch is closed.
  • Go back to Chi's cell (01) and REMORA the computer to open the hatch.
  • Go back and climb the ladder.
  • Traverse the top of the car.
  • Climb down the ladder.
  • Enter the bridge.
  • Kill the bridge crew, kill them all!
  • You have finished the mission and are now in control of the Landtrain. Drive carefully.

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Cold Blood

Cold Blood
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