Containment: Komplettlösung Cold Blood


Ansicht vergrössern!Session Alphabeta
  • You start outside the containment - you want to get inside. You've got to cause a distraction to lure one of the guards away from the front door. If you don't lure one away they will sound the alarm when they see you and loads of guards will stop your progress.
  • From the first game screen walk round the left-hand side of the truck. Interact with the truck bonnet, slamming it shut. One of the guards will come over to investigate. Run round to the back of the truck as he comes to the front. Run round and kill his mate with a hand job. Then kill the other guard however you want, as long as he dies.
  • Use your remora on the door to unlock it.
  • You go inside - so far so good. Watch out once you're inside. Your tech-suit will give you some cover, but if you get too close to certain guards you might get asked for some ID, which at this stage you don't have.

Ansicht vergrössern!Level Alpha: Inside the bunker (laboratory)
  • In the first indoor location there are 2 exits. Go through the one in the middle of the far wall. A technician will talk to you. Use your remora on the computer in the room. It has some project Vodyanoi files on its hard drive and it also controls the door locks. You can't do anything here at the moment because you need a file number or a door ID number to progress on this machine.
  • Go back out through the same door you came in. Use the lift in the right hand corner to get down to the lower level of this session.
  • Walk down to the next screen and interact with the brightly-lit door. It's locked. Use the remora on the door button. This gets you the file number you need to get info out of the computer upstairs. So, go back and interact with the computer.
  • Input the file number and read the file. This gets you a door ID number. Use this to access the door lock circuitry on the same computer. Unlock the door.

Ansicht vergrössern!Level Beta: The Lower Laboratories
  • Go back down the lift to the door which was locked and it's now unlocked. Go through into the room beyond. Interact with the dead technician to get his ID pass. Get out of that room then back up the lift.
  • Once up the lift exit the room by the right hand door and then exit the following room through the left-hand door. In this room, approach the guard standing in front of the door. He will ask for your ID, which you show to him.
  • Go through the door that he was guarding and pick up the cable”. Get back to the lift and go down to Beta level.
  • Exit this room from the right, through the door close to the lift and then exit the following room through the nearby door.
  • In the next room interact with the (bright red) lift access hatch cover. A technician will ask you to show some ID. After that you're into the lift shaft. Use the cable on the hook next to the door and you can rappel down into the next session.

Ansicht vergrössern!

Kappa level

  • You start at the bottom of the lift shaft. The cable has broken on your descent so you can't go back up into Alphabeta.
  • The door in front of you is locked. Use your remora on the control box to open it. Use BEELZEBUB. Move through into the first corridor.
  • Shoot the minibots. (pick ammo and health packs up off dead bodies lying around the session)
  • Be ready to be attacked by minibots throughout the whole session, until they are all dealt with.
  • Go through the door straight across the room from the one you came in. Cross this room and go through the door. Proceed straight through this room and throught the opposite door. Move down the screen until the view changes. Go through the door at the bottom of the corridor. You should be in a room with a laptop computer in it. Interact with the computer using the remora. Re-boot the machine and read the e-mails. When you leave this room the Spectre robot may start chasing you, bullets don't harm it so keep well away. Go back to the corridor you were in after getting through the lift shaft door. Go through the middle door on the left.

  • Interact with the safe using the combination you learned by reading the e-mail (it's in your inventory). Get the fuse from the safe. Leave this room to get back into the corridor.
  • Leave the corridor through the door opposite the lift shaft door. Do a U-turn through the door below the one you just came through and in the same wall. You will be in a room with a big robotic arm.
  • Go over and use your remora on the terminal near the arm. Prime the pods to receive power and activate the switching mechanism. Get out of this room and back to the corridor you came into from the lift shaft.
  • Exit the corridor through the only door you haven't used yet (at the top on the left). Follow this new corridor to the end where it turns round by 90-degrees. Go through the middle door on the left.
  • In this new room go up the stairs. There is a power source and a fuse box next to it. Put the fuse in the fuse box and use your remora on the power source to route power to the pods.

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