Komplettlösung Cold Blood

Ansicht vergrössern!Level Omega: The Containment and the Secure Laboratory
  • Pull the switch and if spectre is in the arm's swing path he will be hit by the arm. He will hit electric cables and die.
  • Interact with his defunct body and get the key-chip. Go back to corridor you came in from the lift shaft. At the top of the corridor and on the right is a locked lift door. Use the key chip on the door and then it can be used as a normal door. Use the lift.

Session Omega

  • You start on a balcony. Your cover is now blown so the guards are out to get you.
  • Get down the lift to the lower level and kill the guard behind the computer. There are two terminals, the lower one controls the pods and the other holds information on the occupants. Interact with the higher computer (with the Remora) and look at the record for Oliakov (should be the first one). Use the other computer and push button 8.

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  • Pod 8 rises. There is a mad bloke in there. Talk to him. After talking to him let him out of his pod using the button on the front. He will roam around.
  • Look at the main door at the top of the room. Cord suggests that he should use the balcony. Use the computer to raise and lower pod 11. You need to be on top of 11 to get to the balcony…
  • Keep talking to Oliakov. He will eventually divulge some information about Nagarov. Keep talking until he wants to play a game called secrets - play along. Talk again and suggest a new game he will follow you move him over pod 11 where he will wait. Use the console to raise pod 11. Let him down a bit later. He will say it's your turn. Move over pod 11 and he will send you up. Interact with the balcony once you're at the top and you can jump across to the balcony on the right.
  • Go through into the next room. Go down the stairs. The door on the left is locked, but the door on the right (under the stairs) is not. Go through it.

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  • Interact with the red button on all of the cylinders to reveal nasty critters. Nagarov will come in, holding the girl Alexandra as a shield - you can't shoot him. You can talk to him. He will proudly talk about his achievements so far then he'll back out of the door.
  • Run out after him - he's disappeared. He must have gone through the locked door. Go back into the room with the mutants in it and a technician has appeared - he was hiding from Nagarov behind one of the cylinders.
  • Talk to the technician and he'll get you through the locked door in the other room. Go through this door.
  • You're in a room with no exits that Nagarov must have come into but he's not here. Interact with the right side of the cupboard, where it meets the wall. Interact with the cupboard to open it. Interact with the gun inside the cupboard to make the cupboard slide out of the way of… a secret passage! Woo!

  • Before going down the passage interact with the computer in this room to find out that it is a radar communications terminal. Then head down the passage.
  • Go up the ladder. Then up the next one, timing your ascent so that you come out in the top location when the patrolling guard has his back to you. Get up the ladder and kill him.
  • Nagarov's nephcopter takes off. E-mail chi to get a radar bearing on him. She can't cos she's seeing too many nephcopters on her radar, even though you can't see or hear any in the sky. Something funny's going on…
  • Talk to the technician (there may be a problem with the camera, if so find him with the remora) working on the front of the truck.. Get his password out of him for the radar computer inside. Go back and find the computer again.

  • Interact with the computer using the remora. The first try fails but the next attempt works. Find out about the ghosting technology (NEPHJAM).
  • Turn off ghosting cover for the containment area. Chi will mail you saying all the nephcopters have vanished and she's coming to pick you up.
  • Get back up the ladder and outside and Chi will pick you up in the chopper. Cue end sequence.
  • Grin like a maniac, you've finished Mission 4. Onward to Mission 5! There's a refinery in need of a damn good seeing to...

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Cold Blood

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