Refinery: Komplettlösung Cold Blood


Ansicht vergrössern!Sabotage Refinery - Mine


  • Try to open the steel gate.
  • Talk to Gregor about it - he has no ideas, so…
  • Wander up the tunnel at the left of the screen
  • Creep up behind the guard and punch him out. The technician will start shouting but Gregor will quiet him down. Meanwhile,
  • Interact with the big lever twice. Cord notes that it doesn't stay up.
  • Talk to the technician about it, and tell him to hold it open for you.
  • Run back to the gate and get through.
  • Avoid the lasers and punch the guard at the far side, Gregor will follow.
  • Continue up the tunnel until the bridge with the gun emplacement

Ansicht vergrössern!Plan view of the bridge
  • Speak to Gregor about the gun. He comments it may be motion sensitive.
  • Speak to Gregor about Gregor. He will provide cover so you can get across the bridge.
  • Now run quickly across the bridge, turning right at the other side to hide behind the rocks.
  • While crouched here, you can take the guards out as they come down the tunnel. Also Gregor can help as they are unaware of his presence.
  • Gregor now leaves - the bridge has been destroyed so he can't join you on this side.
  • Continue up the tunnel. A guard here is using an old mine cart for cover. Kill him.
  • Use the remora on the console to open the large metal door.
  • Go through the door into the room with claw machinery and a lift.
  • Talk to the technicians, then punch the console.
  • Use the remora on the console in here, and operate claw 3. The other two are jammed.
  • The barrel blocking the lift will be removed, allowing you to access the refinery

Ansicht vergrössern!Ground Floor


  • Go up one of the ladders onto the ledge.
  • Examine the window, and then climb through it.
  • Conversation with Tolstov - Alexandra, Vostograd Submarine Base etc.
  • Shoot the guard who comes to investigate.
  • Leave the room before the robot arrives (through the window).
  • (in game cutscene of Tolstov being shot.)
  • Climb down the ladder into the room with no roof.
  • Quickly run into lab, and place an emp mine in the recharge point. Now run back out before the robot arrives.
  • The robot is destroyed by the emp mine.
  • Search Tolstov's body. You will get his id card (allows access to the first floor).
  • Head into the main hall, making sure to avoid the guard's gaze.
  • Climb the ladder.

Ansicht vergrössern!First Floor
  • Use Tolstov's id card on the lift and push the button. You can now reach the first floor.
  • Step on the conveyor, and interact with the pipe overhead before you fall off the end.
  • Once over the crusher, shoot the guards on the opposing ledge.
  • Climb over the furnace, making sure you aren't dragged in beforehand.
  • Follow the conveyors around onto the ledge with the guard. Shoot him.
  • Pull the lever.
  • Wait until the guards have left the room below, and then go down on the platform.
  • Kill the two remaining guards, and then quickly place the bomb on the panel on the front of the baby blue. A timer starts.
  • Get outside before the guards return.
  • Help Gregor out of his sticky situation.
  • Go around the corner and through the door into the office building.

Ansicht vergrössern!

Office building

  • You must get out exit before the bomb explodes...
  • Head down the stairs and into the next room.
  • Go through the door on the right.
  • Then either : Head up to the first floor in the lift + Kill the guards in the canteen, and take the other lift down into the showers.
  • Or : Carry straight on into the guard room. + Kill the guards hiding behind the table.
  • Go through the lobby and the reception, killing any guards in your way.
  • Leave the way you entered in mission 1.

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