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Intro and Tips

This is a complete walkthrough for John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror. In this walkthrough you will find everything you need to know to successfully complete the game. Screenshots for puzzle solutions are not necessary and won't be included in this walkthrough. You need a brain to solve this game, not a photographic memory. This is a printer friendly walkthrough! This game is not very hard, and because you have limited access to areas in the asylum, you can't get lost very easily. If you wander around as much as I did, you will have the place mapped out in your mind fairly quickly.

Here are some tips for a more enjoyable gaming experience:

  • Good advice for every game is to save frequently. A nice feature of this game is the automatic save. When you quit a game and later restart it, you begin the game from the exact point at which you quit. Of course, if you don't want to be in that spot, just load up a saved game.
  • When you enter a new room, always turn around. There are vital clues and items you can miss if you don't. There isn't a wide area to explore in this game. In fact, you will be visiting and revisiting many areas and wandering down the same halls, so get used to it.

  • Here are some tips about the mouse cursor. Typical of every adventure, you can use your left mouse button to point your cursor and move around. You will see yourself move (in transition) through the room this way. However, this game is fairly graphic intensive, and while the 24bit graphics are gorgeous, it can be a SLOW process on lesser machines. To bypass this, you can right click your mouse to move around, and the transition phase will be eliminated. I only recommend you 'right click' AFTER you've gone through a room normally at least once, otherwise it will seem like you've been magically transported from one spot to the other. You can lose your bearings or miss clues this way, and will have to turn yourself around to get a good look at the area.
  • When you are in a hallway and there are rooms on either side, to enter those rooms (if you already have the key or the door is open), look for the CURVED cursor. A normal right or left pointing cursor will usually just flip you around either 90 or 180 degrees. The curved arrow is what will get you into the room and elevator.

  • There is a display case in almost every room, which provides valuable clues. Every time you see one, you should repeat the same proccess: Click the touchscreen and read all the information (there are more buttons within the touchscreen), press the question mark buttons to listen to a description of the objects by the museum curator, and then LOOK at the objects. There are also objects in the display case that you can sometimes take, just open the case and try your luck.
  • Sometimes you need to mouse-click LOOK at object (not just eyeball it) before you can talk to or interact with it.
  • If you die, don't sweat it. Really. The game will tell you the answer to the puzzle if you want, and it will let you restore to the beginning of the timed death puzzles. Sometimes it may be easier to die just to get the answer.

  • This is a linear game, but your mileage may vary slightly. In order to advance to different areas, you must finish certain tasks first. Try to show itemsto or talk with spirits if you're stuck.
  • If you are stuck, need help or hints, try the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure newsgroup. Please do not email me for hints, that's what I wrote this entire walkthrough for! If you find any major screw-ups or would like to leave comments, please email me. I have re-played the game using this walkthrough, so I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
  • Genre:
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Mindscape
  • Release: 11.12.1998

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