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Once outside the cage, look at the sarcophagus and try to move it. You are still a weak girlie-man. If Malcolm talks to you, exhaust all dialog. Turn right and get out of there by going up the stairs. You are back in the secret room. Turn around and look at the metal door you just came through. Look at it, and find out it locks behind you each time you come through. At least now you know it leads to the crypt. Try to open it. Malcolm gives you another riddle for finding the key. 'My office quite fast, yeilded keys manifold. But you'll find the last, in the one who knows cold.' That makes no sense!

Go back to the surgery room and put Abe's doll on his cupboard. He wants to play the game one last time.

Something that is red: click the books on Abe's cupboard, then 'guess books.' I don't get it either. Exhaust all dialog options.

You find out his code name is 125, which Malcolm gets from Abraham's nickname, which is Abe. That seems easy enough. Just match the numbers to the alphabet, i.e. 123 = abc. The touchpad on the door has 9 numbers:











Maybe now we can open up that green door in this room! Look at the lock. Only Malcolm can open it? Hrmph. Try to push the buttons. Malcolm insults your intelligence. Look at the door, try to open it, and Abe will tell you that Malcolm is always humming 'da da da da' when he comes through that door. That suggests 4 numbers, not three. That tune sounds familiar, like the one in the music box. Open the music box and listen to it again. Hmmm, maybe a musician can help you out with this one.

Go back to the chapel, and walk forward towards the organist. Talk to the organist and exhaust all new dialog. Open your music box. The organist will tell you it's Bach. You seem to remember that Malcolm has a fascination with Bach. The touchscreen in his office indicated that Malcolm wrote a composition and dedicated it to Bach (look at it above the fireplace in his office). You have all the clues, and are now allowed to open the door.

That must be it, then. BACH is the secret code to the door. Input 2138, exactly in that order, and turn the door handle. Into the unknown you go...


You hear your son again, along with a very friendly voice. Turn left, and look at all of the items on the table. Try to take the crowbar. Look at the flayed skin in front of you. Ewwww. It even talks back! It once belonged to Paul Becker, an associate of your father. Exhaust all dialog options, and learn that pain is your friend. Your father was also more of a 'nut cracker' than you first realized. Paul wants you to swap the tip of your finger, and a little pain, for your sons life. Now, there's no need to make rash decisions, so explore the torture room a bit more.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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  • Release: 11.12.1998

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