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Turn right twice, look at all the objects, and try to get on the table. Turn left and walk towards the back of the room. Look at the cage. Pshaw! Put today's kid in this and he'll want some popcorn for the show! Turn right, and look at the device on the left. Look at the iron maiden on the right. There is a rope around the head of the iron maiden, hanging from the ceiling. Look at and take it. There are two rows of symbols (black stripe) on the iron maiden, look at it. Turn left twice, look at the mace, and take the club to the left of it. Look at the wheel. Go back to the table with the fingerbox, and put your finger inside. Damn, it didn't fool him! Take the fingerbox. Shake the fingerbox. That didn't do it either. How can you tell what's inside without getting your finger castrated?

Travel back to the x-ray machine in the surgery room. If you haven't already done so, take the bone out of the x-ray machine. Put the fingerbox in the machine, and discover an ankh inside. Go back to the torture room, and tell Paul what is inside the box. Paul is willing to tell you where your son is, but first you have to get his stereoscope out of the iron maiden. He tells you the solution to the symbols is on the note from Malcolm's safe.

Go to the iron maiden, and push the symbols for a closer look. Hmmm, a picture of an 'eye' would probably be prounounced 'I.' On the far right side on the top row is a picture of a young girl, possibly a maiden. So that's what the riddle meant! 'The word you seek is the thing itself.' The word you are seeking through the symbols is what will end up sounding like 'iron maiden'. And the word you seek is on the physical iron maiden right in front of you!

Click the picture of the 'eye' = i

Click the picture of the figure 'running' = run

Click on the picture of the 'maiden' = maiden

Iron Maiden. Simple, isn't it? After a brief interlude with your son, look at the stereoscope. Try to take it. Ack, good thing you weren't in there, those spikes look unfriendly. Open the iron maiden again, and use the club in inventory to prop it open. You may safely take the stereoscope. Only now you have to prepare yourself for another timed death defying puzzle.

You find yourself strapped to a table with a huge, flying axe veering closer and closer each time it swings by. In the background, Paul taunts you. Turn left, and look at the lever. It's another one of those hard to see items. Look at the exact center of your screen. About an inch to the right is the lever. Get the rope out of inventory and hook it on the lever.

Whoops. There goes Paul, and your only hope of finding your son. After Malcolm scolds you, take the crowbar in front of the flayed skin (Paul wouldn't let you have this when he was alive). You hear a woman's voice whisper softly in your ear. Marilyn? Exhaust all dialog with her. Rhino viruses? Nose colds? Hmmm... 'knows cold... nose cold!' Aha, so that's the answer to the key riddle! It's time to go whack that rhino's head in the entry hall.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
  • Genre:
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Mindscape
  • Release: 11.12.1998

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