Crypt: Komplettlösung Blackstone Chronicles

Before you head out, you can look at everything in the room again to get Malcolm's perspective on pain. Of particular interest is the 'device' next to the iron maiden. Apparently, women are fearful of it, but Malcolm doesn't know why. Does that big sharp point say anything to you women out there? YIKES!

Go out the door, through the surgery room, and back to the secret room. Oh no, your wife Rebecca is here! Go through Malcolm's office. Great, she's scared now. Outside the office, you hear Malcolm tell you they are no longer there. Down in the entry hall, Josh tells you she's injured and unconscious. To the left of the dayroom entrance is a rhinoceros head. Whack it's head off with your lance, and you'll get a key to the crypt.


Go back to the secret room behind Malcolm's office. You can now open the door. Click on the memorial plaques. Lavinia will at some point tell you that you have to open the sarcophagus. Turn right, and use the crowbar on the sarcophagus. Look inside the sarcophagus, then look at the skeleton. Click the outer portion of the sarcophagus, then 'get inside.'

Great, they're already gone! Look at the doll, lighter, locket, and hanky. 'Malcolm means to destry all of us. You must destroy him first.' Hmmm. But how? Turn right and look at the skeleton. Turn right again, and look at all of the clippings on the door. You find out things about yourself you'd rather not know. Periodically, interludes with Josh will interrupt you. Look at the door, try to open it. Turn around to the display case once again.

You need to destroy the object associated with Malcolm to overcome his power. First, use the knife on the nutcracker. Then, rip up his journal (the red one with the MM initials). Smash the skeleton's skull with your crowbar (that felt good). While the crowbar is still handy, break the glass case with it. Take the dragon lighter, flick it on in inventory, and then burn Malcolm's portrait with it. Prepare for a very short ending.

NOTE: If you run out of time, don't sweat it. It's kind of fun to see what Josh will actually do anyways. Just make sure you read all the clippings to understand (or maybe to confuse you even more) Oliver's troubles. Then the second time around, you can just destroy all of Malcolm's things and be done with it!

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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