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Walkthrough Start

The game starts with you, Oliver Metcalf, appearing just inside the entrance to the old asylum. You hear your son, Josh, cry out to you.

After the short, non-interactive conversation, turn left and look at the display case. Click the touch screen on the right. Read all the information about the history of the asylum. Click the question mark buttons for descriptions of the photos. Turn right, look at the portrait of the old man. He's Malcolm Metcalf, your father and former superintendent of the asylum. Have a conversation with him. I guess a picture does say a thousand words! Either that or you're going crazy. It seems your son Josh has been kidnapped by your father, and is being trained for something sinister. Can you remember where the secret room is? You have only until dawn to find him. Walk forward once, inspect the boxes to the left of the staircase. The museum isn't quite ready yet. Turn left. The chapel door is locked. Turn left again. Look at the 3 medallions above the entryway. Looks like Doc Metcalf has a few favorite historical figures.

Turn left, look at the rhino head on the wall, and then enter the dayroom. Look at the couches and chairs. Turn left, read the touchscreen, and listen to the description of the objects. Look at, then take the awl and knife. Turn right twice, look at the painting on the stand, then look at the artwork along the right wall behind the couches. Seems there are both violent and peaceful nutizens out there. Turn left, move your cursor to the left side of the screen and walk forward. At the door, turn right. Look at the workbench and the birdhouse. Turn right twice, and look at the locked cabinet. Try to open it. Guess not. Look at the 2 light brown hinges on the right edge of the cabinet. Get out your awl, and poke out the bolts on the hinges. Look at the hacksaw, then take it. It needs a blade to be useful.

Turn right and go through the kitchen door. Try to open the freezer in front you you, then feel it. It looks like it's dripping water. Look at the fuse box next to the freezer, and open it. There's a burned out fuse, the second one from the top. Remove it. Turn right and walk towards the sink. Ahhh, looks like daddy implemented chinese water torture as a way to whip the kitchen staff into shape! Look at the faucet, then try to turn on the faucet. Look at the red strap hanging next to the sink. Get out your knife and sharpen it on the strap. Look at the cabinet above the sink, then use your knife on it to open the latch. Take the monkey wrench on the bottom shelf.

Turn left. There are a lot of pots hanging down from the ceiling. Look at the biggest pot right in front of you, slightly to the left of center, and on the upper part of the screen. To the right of this pot are some skewers, with a metallic, copper-red tint. Look closely now, it's hard to see! Take the skewers. Turn left twice, then look at and take the tongs between the 3 big lobster pots. Look at one of the big lobster pots, and find out how cheap it used to be. Look at the soup ladle on the wall. On the way out of the kitchen, read the menu and find out the patients had a healthy diet. Go through the dayroom back out to the entry hall.

Go up the stairs towards Malcolm's portrait. Turn left and enter Malcolm's office. Turn right, read the touchscreen, and listen to the description of the objects. Look at, then take the keys and handle. So, you killed your mother just by being born. Beautiful. Old Malcolm must love you for that one! Turn left, and walk towards the portrait of the lady on the back wall. Look at it, then try to talk to your mother Olivia. Look at the frame. Turn left and look at the silver coffeepot, then take it. Turn left, look at the photo on the desk. Open the desk drawer, then look at and take the nutcracker. From now on, you can talk to Malcolm by clicking on the nutcracker in inventory. Turn left, look at the birthday photo of you and your sister Mallory, taken on 4/24/55, your third birthday. Malcolm says that 'the day you were born was the most important day of my life.' Hmmm, that date could be important.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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  • Publisher: Mindscape
  • Release: 11.12.1998

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