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Walk forward towards the computer, then read the green post-it note. The passward is 'scooter.' Operate the computer and input the password (you only have to do it once). Well, it looks like you can only get patient records, and you need both first and last names. No nifty boolean search functions on this baby! Well, you don't know any patient names yet. How about putting in your name, Oliver Metcalf, just for fun? Uh, well, I guess that wasn't so fun after all. There's definitely something more to this story. Click the down arrow to back out of the computer. Turn right and walk forward out the door.

Once out the door, go left curve arrow into the elevator. Read the note if you want. Snatch the elevator handle from inventory and attach it to the controls (beneath the numbers). Click on the handle, and 'push to B.' The basement of an asylum sounds like the perfect place to start! Left curve arrow out of the elevator, and explore the small hallway. Look at the blood stains on the floor. All the doors are locked. But you now know there are 5 different rooms here: Furnace, ECT, Fever, Hydrotherapy, and the Morgue.

Get back into the elevator and push the handle to the second floor. Right curve arrow out of the elevator and try to enter the mens wing. It won't open (it will never open, so don't bother trying). Turn around and enter the women's wing through the opposite door. Right curve arrow into the second bedroom on the right.


After the interlude with your son, you hear a young, sweet voice cheerfully call out to you. Answer it. It is Marilyn Wilson, who is pregnant out of wedlock. Look at the teddy bears on the bed, Tommy and Teresa. Look at the bassinet to the right of the bed, it's hiding in the dark and is kind of hard to see. Rock the cradle. Turn left, read the touchscreen. So, she only thinks she's pregnant. Listen to the description of the objects in the display case. Look at the book of baby names. There is an object missing, a cigarette lighter from Marilyn's sister. Turn right twice, look at all the items on the bulletin board, and then look at the light. Look at the photograph of Marilyn on the dresser. Talk to her and exhaust all dialog. Open the dresser drawer and take the diary. Close the dresser drawer, then read the diary. There are 2 pages stuck together. Talk to Marilyn again, and exhaust all new dialog. Apparently the staff steamed open her mail and she didn't have much privacy. You now have a description of the key to the hydrotherapy room in the basement. This area is now accessable to you. Go back down the elevator to the basement.

The hydrotherapy room is the first one on the right. Click on it to enter (no need to get out your keys). A soft voice tentatively greets you, answer it. Read the touchscreen in front of you. Listen to the description of the objects. So what exactly was the 'one spot' the jet nozzles were aimed at? Turn left, look at the shelves. Look at the epsom salt boxes, then the sheets. Take one of the sheets, you never know. Turn right twice, and look at the chamber along the left wall. Click on it again to talk to Jane. What a sad life. Look at the tub (click on the white portion) along the right wall. Try to turn on the water, then try to get into the tub. Look at the lid, try to remove it.

Guess you must be a weaking, you can't move or bust through anything around here! Look at the drain (hole) in the floor in front of you. Walk forward and look at the steam box. Maybe you can steam open the stuck pages of the diary with this. You turn the steam box on, but nothing happens. It needs power. Turn left and look at the tiles on the wall. Try to open the heat chamber. Look at the dials on the heat chamber. The needle guage is at the lowest temperature, opposite of the red temperature area. Take note of it. Turn right twice and look at the controls. Jane tells you there is a secret code. Hmmm. Well, Marilyn spent some time in here. Go back to her room and ask her if she knows anything.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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