Lavinia, Part 1: Komplettlösung Blackstone Chronicles

Go back to the elevator and to the second floor. As you enter Marilyn's room, a rather subdued voice greets you. She remembers that they killed her baby and then she killed herself. Turn right, click on her photo to talk to her, and exhaust all new dialog. Go back down to hydrotheraphy in the basement again.

On the left side of the control box, there is a vertical row of white buttons. Push the second and third buttons from the top, and they will light up to let you know it's working. Open the steam box, put the diary in, close the door, and turn it on. After a quick interlude with Josh, open the steam box and take the diary. Read it again until you get to the newly unstuck pages. You find out about the furnace room, and now have access to it.

Back in Marilyn's room, ask her about the furnace. It turns out that Malcolm has stuffed all her precious things in there. What a guy, what a super dad! Does he burn books too? Go back down to the basement and enter the furnace room (at the very back part of the basement hallway).

An old Irish voice welcomes you. Exhaust all dialog with poor Seamus O'Rourke. Look at the sawhorse (table) and the stool. You can try to sit in it, but it already seems to be occupied. Look at the lockers, try to open them. Look at the generator behind the sawhorse, try to turn it off. Why'd you want to do that? Turn left, and look at the items on the shelf. Take a fuse while you're at it (you know where this one goes). Turn right, and go forward to the back part of the room. Look at the pipes. Turn left and look at the door, try to open it. Ack! You almost turned yourself into a crispy nugget. You need to get rid of that water somehow. You remember the freezer in the kitchen was dripping water too. Maybe the pipes are connected somehow. Put the point of your mouse cursor exactly on the locket (that white heart surrounded by electrical currents) to 'look' at it. Wonder who that belongs to? In inventory, click on the nutcracker to talk to Malcolm, and ask him about Marilyn's lighter. Exhaust all dialog.

Turn left and look at the boiler in front of you. Walk forward, turn left, and look at furnace door. Touch it, I dare you. Ouch! Couldn't you hear the fire crackling inside? Doh! Try to open the door. Get out your monkey wrench and remove the bolts. Now you can open it. Aha, it's the lighter you've been looking for! Look at it. Get the tongs in your inventory and use it on the lighter. Get ready for your first timed death defying puzzle.

Pay attention to that dial as you go into the heat chamber. When moved to the red, the chamber finally opens up. Hmmm. Well, it's dark in here, and you can't see a thing. In inventory, flick on the lighter. Turn left and look at the thermostat. Maybe if you can make it think it's hotter than it really is, the chamber will open. Get out your lighter and heat the thermostat. You're out!

Go back to Marilyn's room, open the display case, and put her lighter on the empty stand. Exhaust the new dialog choices. Click on the nutcracker in inventory and talk to Malcolm about your psychotic episode downstairs. You now have access to the next hallway section. Right curve arrow out of Marilyn's room, and open the door in front of you.

Lavinia, Part 1

Enter the second door on the left. There is an interlude with your son. Say no when a woman asks if you brought her knitting needles. She can fetch the damn things herself, you're not her servant. Or are you? Look at the tapestry in front of you. Turn right, read the touchscreen, and listen to the description of the objects. She is Lavinia Willoughy, otherwise known as Mary Queen of Scots! And she's missing a hankerchief. Look at the photograph and talk to Lavinia. YES MA'AM! Turn left twice, look at the fireplace and the couch. Then go right curve arrow further into the room. There is a table on the left with a sewing box on it, look in the box. Look at the embroidery hoops near it. Turn left, look at the bed. Try to get into it, your mischevious dog! She's too proper for you. Turn right twice and look at the desk. Look at the silver pen holder/ink pot on the right, it appears to be empty. Go back to Lavinia's photo and talk to her again, exhaust all new dialog.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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