Lorena, Part 1: Komplettlösung Blackstone Chronicles

Those are some tapestries she has, and to think her needles were eating utensils! (Hmmm, think she could knit a pair of Levis with chopsticks?) You just happen to have some skewers on you, so show them to Lavinia, then put it in the sewing box. Lavinia thanks you, so exhaust all new dialog. You are now her friend. Turn left, and try to get into the bed again. You can tell by her newfound giggles that she has it bad for you.

You now have access to the fever room in the 'dungeon.' You also have access to the next hallway section, where Lorena resides. Maybe she can give you some clues on where to find Lavinia's items. Go visit her.

Lorena, Part 1

Go past Lavinia's room into the next newly accessible hallway. Lorena is in the first room on the right. After a brief interlude with Josh, you hear a suspicious voice tell you to get lost. Look at Lorena's portrait, and exhaust all dialogue choices. Lorena wants an item Malcolm keeps on display. What is it?

Turn left, look at the hutch. There is a silver coffee set on the shelf, but it's missing something. It seems to match the coffeepot you're carrying around. Look at the coffeepot in inventory. Hmmm. M.M. Turn right twice, and look at the display case. Read the touchscreen, look at the glove, listen to the description about the objects. So, she only wants to be known as 'Lorena' eh? There is a book on the top of the display case, on the right. It's shadowy and very dark. Read it, and listen to the inscription. Miss Martin. Who is she? Lorena Martin perhaps? And who's Mark Kendall?

Turn left, then walk straight towards the portrait. Talk to Lorena about the locket, exhaust all dialog. Talk to Malcolm via the nutcracker in inventory, exhaust all new choices.

Turn left, and look at the red hat on the shelf above the bed. Take the feather that's sticking out. It'll make a good old fashioned pen. Look at the magnifying glass next to the red hat, take it. Read the book on the very right part of the shelf. To Merle... is that Lorena's real name then, Merle Martin? M.M. It matches the coffeepot inscription. Turn right, then take the coffeepot out of inventory and show it to Lorena (click it over her portrait). Hrmph. The old cog wants more proof!

In inventory, use the magnifying glass on the coffeepot. Aha! Little birds instead of period marks. Try to put the pot on the tray with her cups (on the hutch). She will accost you ask how she knows it's her pot. Well, it has an engraving. Exhaust all dialog options.

You now have access to the ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) room in the basement. Lorena also wants you to find her locket, and in exchange for it she may have some info about a secret room. She even tells you where to find her locket (so much for puzzle solving)! It is in a safe behind your mothers picture in Malcolm's office (you now have access to Olivia frame). But, you remember seeing a locket in the furnace room hanging off of a circuit board. You tell her as much, but she doesn't believe you. Damn aristocrats! You don't think Malcolm is amassing a collection of women's lockets, but you never know.

Walk towards the portrait, then turn right and look at the makeup case. Open it and take the compact (it's very dark -- look at the left part of the lid). Close the makeup case. Open the compact in inventory. Look at the black eyeliner between the brush and the colored squares. Take it. Look in the mirror, then close the compact. In inventory, open the eyeliner bottle. Now you have pen and ink for Lavinia.

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