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Lavinia, Part 2

Once you're back in Lavinia's room, go to her desk. Take the eyeliner case and fill the inkpot with it (it's the right holder in the silver tray). Put the feather in the left holder. She thanks you. But you still need to get her hankerchief, get Lorena's locket, and gather more clues about the asylum.

Go to Malcolm's office, where Lorena insists her locket is. Walk towards the portrait of Olivia. Tap on the frame, and find out it sounds the same all over. It doesn't seem to do anything, no matter where you tap it. Maybe Lorena is just a crazy old coot after all. You KNOW you saw a locket in the furnace room. She's the crazy one, not you... right?

While you're here, look up Merle Martin (Lorena), Marilyn Wilson, and Lavinia Willoughby on the computer. That didn't seem to help, you already knew most of that already. It seems the safe theory is a dead end, so concentrate on finding Lavinia's hanky. You know she spent some quality time in the fever room, so head down to the basement once again. It's the second door on the right.

Click on the chair and look at it. Sounds messy. Try to sit in it. Well, it must be hell to wet your pants. Talk to Nick (via the chair) and exhaust all dialog. Turn left, read the touchscreen, and listen to the description of the objects. Try to take the objects to hear what Nick has to say (you don't need them). Turn right twice, look at the table, take note of the small bottles. Wow, there sure are a lot of tiny drawers! Look at the drawers. Try to open them. Nick keeps babbling about Mandy Lee. You can't open any of the drawers right now. And you can't shut him up each time you try to open one! Damn. There's nothing more to do here.

While you're in the basement, have a look at the ECT room, right across from the fever room (the game does not let you go straight across though, so you need to go right curve arrow, turn around, then enter the ECT room on the right). Once inside, turn right, read the touchscreen, and listen to the descriptions. Look at the objects, and take the stethoscope. That'll come in handy. Turn left, look at the chair, sit in the chair, and talk to Jack Cramer. Exhaust all dialog. What a character! Look at the other items in the room. While facing the chair, pay particular attention to the ECT machine behind the chair, and the frequency machine to the left of the chair. Apparently, when the frequency numbers match to the ECT generator, it will set up a resonance that will shut down the ECT generator.

Go back to Malcolm's office and find out who this Mandy Lee is. Aha! She's Nick's daughter, and lives at #3C. While you're here, make use of your new stethoscope. Use it on Olivia's frame, and it will now open to reveal a safe. But wait a minute, it has a combination lock. Know any good numbers? Hmmmm. Turn around and look at Malcolm's desk for clues. Remember that photo of you and your sister on your third birthday? It was taken on 4/24/55, which means you were born on 4/24/52. Malcolm said that your birth was the most important day of his life. That must be it! 'Open' the safe, input the numbers 4-24-52. Make sure the mouse pointer is right over the exact number you need. The safe will open when it is entered correctly. After the interlude from Josh, take the egg and the casket (box). In inventory, look at the egg. Use the nutcracker to break it. Read the note that was inside the egg. 'The word you seek is the thing itself.' HUH?! Maybe the casket will prove less cryptic. Look at it, and find out it's locked and needs a key. Jack said there was a key in one of the drawers in the fever room. You have enough clues to solve that puzzle now.

NOTE: In order to be able to open the drawers and get the key, you need to find out Mandy Lee's address is #3C on the computer

Go back to the fever room and face all the drawers again. You're allowed to open them now. There are 6 major sections, with 3 rows on top, and 3 rows on bottom. From left to right, top to bottom, number each section:

1 2 3

4 5 6

Look at the very top left section, number 1. We only need to concentrate on the 9 little drawers in this section. Label each drawer from 1-9, left to right, top to bottom.

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 9

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