Lorena, Part 2: Komplettlösung Blackstone Chronicles

Drawer number 9, on the very bottom right side, is the drawer that has the key in it! Perhaps Nick's system consisted of '3 drawers across, then a, b, c down, and you find the key!' Of course, the key could have been drawer number 9 in any of the other 5 sections. But who said crazy people had to make sense to you? In inventory, unlock the casket with the key, then open it. Inside is Lavinia's hankerchief. Take it, and prepare for another timed death defying puzzle. Awww hell, now you've injected yourself with toxic mush! What'd you do that for? Talk to Malcolm (via the nutcracker) and ask him what the symptoms are for the venom, plague, typhus, and malaria. That's a lot to remember! Exit the dialog box, then ask him again to remind you what the symptoms are, and he will be more to the point. Here is the exact order of the symptoms:

Name Symptoms
Snake Venom shivering, muscle pain, nausea, and paralysis
Bubonic Plague shivering, headaches, muscle pain, nausea
Typhus shivering, headaches, muscle pain, delerium
Malaria shivering, headaches, sweating, delerium
NOTE: They are all very similar, so you need to know the exact order for the cure. Within the next 5 minutes, Malcolm will tell you 2-3 of your symptoms. You don't have to remember them right now. You can't even administer an antedote until later in the game, so don't worry about dying, it won't happen until you've completed more tasks. At that point, Malcolm will tell you, in order, the 4 symptoms you are suffering from. And then you can decide what to do.

Well, you seem to have gotten over your stupidity for the moment. Go back to Lavinia's room and return the hankerchief to her. Open the display case, and place it on the empty stand. Lavinia will tell you about another box with an antedote, only she doesn't know where it is. She also has a gift for you. Exhaust all dialog options.

This is real easy. Go back to the bed and face it. The right bedpost had a picture of a crown on it, just push it. Take the blade from the open bedpost. You now have a blade for the hacksaw you've been toting around. In inventory, 'attach' the blade to the hacksaw. On the way out of the bedroom, talk to Lavinia's photo one last time. She seems rather morose now.

Lorena, Part 2

Since there was no locket in Malcolm's safe, that must be Lorena's locket hanging off the circuit board in the furnace room. But you still need to get rid of that water before you can get to it! Go to the kitchen and open the box next to the freezer. Put the brand new fuse from inventory in the second slot from the top. Hmmm, since the water stopped dripping here, perhaps it stopped dripping down in the basement as well. The floorplan mapped out in your mind seems to put the furnace room below the kitchen.

Go back down to the furnace room, and notice that this area has been cured of chinese water-torture syndrome. Use the hacksaw in inventory to saw off the padlock. Go forward and look at the switch with the locket. Try to throw the switch, and Seamus comments on the lack of insulation. Do you remember when your parents told you to stay in your car during a lightning storm, because the rubber tires would protect you? Well, those sheets you picked up from hydrotherapy are made of rubber. How convenient. In inventory, 'drop' the sheets. Take the locket, and prepare for another round of 'timed death defying puzzle.'

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