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Great. You're in the electric chair. Another moronic episode, curtesy of Oliver Metcalf! You're such a masochist. What now? Remember how the machine shorts out when the numbers behind the chair match with the machine next to the chair? There's your answer! Well, you can't turn around to look at the numbers behind you, but you do have a mirror. Get out your compact, open it, and look in the mirror. It shows the numbers 851, but this is a reverse image, so the real numbers are 128. Turn right, and push the knobs on the frequency machine to 128. Whew, another death row inmate that beat the system!

Return the locket to Lorena. Open the display case in her bedroom and put the locket on the empty stand next to the gloves. Exhaust all new dialog with Lorena. Well, well. Malcolm had a secret lover and a secret room in his office! Is that where your son is being kept prisoner? And what was Malcolm mumbling about when he said 'the four greatest minds in medical history, and what they had in common?' You now have access to the bookshelf in Malcolm's office.

Secret Area

Upon entering Malcolm's office, point your cursor just to the right of the globe and click forward towards the bookcase. Say, 'open sesame.' Game wouldn't let you? Doh! There seems to be a few green books that stand out in the left part of the bookcase. Look at and read all the books. There are four rows with green books on them. The first two rows have 3 books each, the last two rows have 2 books each.

Row Book 1 Book 2 Book 3
1 Galen Hippocrates Al-Razi
2 Vesalius Freud Harvey
3 Linnaeus Paracelsus +nbsp;
4 Metcalf Avicenna +nbsp;

Remember those medalians above the entrance door to the asylum? There are the first 3 great minds. What about the fourth? Well, Malcolm seems pretty stuck on himself. Push in the books for Paracelsus, Freud, Hippocrates, and Metcalf (the order doesn't matter).

Go into the room (hear your son whine again) and exhaust all dialog with Malcolm. Beautiful. Daddy is treating you like a baby and has taken away your elevator access. Look at the red rusted door in front of you, and try to open it. Guess not. Turn right and look at the box. Open the box, and look at the syringe. Look at each of the vials. There are 4 of them, each with a specific antedote. Malcolm will describe all 4 of your symptoms now, so pay attention. What do you have? Administer the antedote for it. You'll know if you chose wisely within a few minutes.

NOTE: I don't think the disease varies from game to game, I always get the Bubonic Plague.

Turn left twice, and look at the books, then take the journal. In inventory, read the journal. Holy crap! Your father is one sick puppy. You wonder if there's anything left of Abe for a burial. Back out of the journal (down arrow on the black portion of the screen) and turn right. Go forward into the spider webs (to the left of the door), and down the spiral stairs into...

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Mindscape
  • Release: 11.12.1998

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