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A surgery room. Turn left to the cupboard and click on a bottle. A little boys voice responds. Exhaust all dialog, and find out he is Abby, aka Abe W. from the journal. By god he was only a child! Your father definitely belonged in an asylum, but as a patient, not a doctor. All those body parts in the jars belong to Abe. (But don't look too hard for the penis mentioned in the journal, it's not there.) Hmmm, Abe wants to play a game of 'I spy with my little eye...' You will have to look around this small room and find the object Abe is looking at. Go ahead and explore on your own to familiarize yourself with the objects. Take note of the x-ray machine.

Something that beings with a T: click on metal table, and 'guess table' Something that begins with an L: Light (above the table)

At this point Abe should tell you about the chapel. Exhaust all dialog. You now have access to the chapel. Go back up the stairs, out the secret room, out of the office, and back to the entry hallway in which you started the game. The chapel is directly opposite of the dayroom.

Enter the chapel, hear Josh whine, and the spirit of Frank Morgan greets you. Turn right, read the touchscreen (certainly makes you thank god for Prozac!) and listen to the description of the objects (ouch). Take the icepick and the hammer. Look at the stained glass windows around the chapel for humorous descriptions of how the various Saints met their doom. Turn left and walk forward. Look at the window, and then look at the organ. Talk to the organist (Frank) and exhaust all dialog. So that's why you can hear spirits!

Turn right and look at the armor. Try to take the armor, tap on it (it's hollow), then attempt to take it apart. Nope. Go back down to the surgery room. Abe is glad to have you back, and wants to play another game of 'I spy.' Humor him and say yes.

Something white: Diploma (by the green door)

Something that begins with: Tiger. Huh? There is an interlude with your son, and he gives you a hint. Something Grrrrr. Or Grrrrreat (ala Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger). Face the metal table; to the left is a box (below the respirator) with grated holes on the side of it. Click on it and 'guess grate.'

Talk to Abe once more, exhaust all dialog. Abe tells you that the knight's armor is hollow. Duh! Look at the locked drawer beneath Abe's body parts. Open it with the icepick. Get the music box, and open it. How pretty. Now you are allowed to go bust some medieval armor butt! Go back to the armor in the chapel. Cut off the head with the hacksaw (ignore Frank's pleas). Cut the straps with your knife. Why, it's Abe's dolly! Look at the doll, then take it. Prepare for another timed death defying puzzle.

Well hell, that was no fun. It's dark, and... was that a spear that just flew past your head?! Turn left, and you see a key that is just out of reach. Use your lance to snag the key, then turn right. There is a padlock that is very hard to see. Imagine your computer screen is cut into four equal squares. The padlock is in the area of the lower right square. Unlock the padlock with the key. Then click the bars on the cage to open it.

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Blackstone Chronicles

Blackstone Chronicles
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