Komplettlösung Day of the Tentacle

1. Part

Go into the office and take all you can find ('Swiss bankbook', 'Booboo-B-Gone') and open the 'portrait'. Go back to the lobby and take the 'flier' out of the rack (lower left corner) and the 'dime' from the pay-phone. Now take the 'Help-Wanted sign' and go to the grandfather clock. Open it and enter Freds secret lab.

2. Part

After some short but funny sequence, you stand in front of yer Chron-O-John. Go to the very right of the screen. Right of the Hamstergenerator is some paper hanging on the bulletinboard. Take it! Now correct the plan.

3. Part

Now you've got HOAGIE as a new character to controll. You can pass items to any other character by simply clicking on the item and then on the head of the person you wanna pass it to... now back to the solution. First, ya have to go into the inn. When you've entered the inn, go through the big double doors right at the entrance. The room you've entered now will be refered to as 'main hall' to eliminate the use of maps. Now walk through the swinging door. Reaching the kitchen, ya take the 'oil' and the 'spaghetti' from the pantry and go through door on the right. Pickup the bucket and the brush, which is in the cabinet. No, back in the kitchen, use the bucket with the water-pump to get a 'bucket full of water'. Leave the kitchen.

Now use the fireplace to get to the roof. Squeeze yerself through the FIRST window. Now, how bad, we want to rob the mouse. To do that, you sit on the bed in the left, lower corner of the room. After discovering the 'squeaky matress' you simply use it with the other bed. Enjoy the sequence...

Well, it seems as if we didn't solve anything with that, but now use the upper, right bed and when the cat walks to you, pick up the mouse. The last thing to do is to take the bucket with the red paint. Now go through the trapdoor. We now find ourselves in the 2. floor of the inn. Swap to Bernard, by clicking on his face, and flush the textbook to hoagie.

Now how about sending this stupid horse to sleep ? Swap to Hoagie and read the textbook to it. Take the horses dentures and walk down the stairway. Open the first door and take the bottle of wine. This is Ben's room. We leave to open the second door. This is Betsy's room. We leave to open the third door. As you can read on the sign, George sleeps here. Well, how about embarassing the roommaid. Use George's bed and then pull the rope next to the door. Outside the room, the maid has dumped her cart. Take the soap which is lying in it and use it with the bucket full of water. Down we go on the stairs. Open the grandfather clock and enter the secret lab of Red Edison. Give him the patent application and the oil. Now get the help-wanted sign from Bernard and give it to him to get the lab coat. Pick it up.

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Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle spieletipps meint: Brillantes Grafik-Abenteuer von Tim Schafer & Co. Sogar Vorgänger Maniac Mansion ist im Spiel komplett enthalten. Witzig!
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