Komplettlösung Day of the Tentacle

Go to the main hall and give the wine to Thomas Jefferson. Get the flier from Bernard and put it in the suggestion box. Go to the outhouses, paint the kumquat-tree red and then talk to George. Tell him that he has lost his ability to cut down cherrie trees. We've 'freed' Laverne but we stay with hoagie for the moment. Next thing is to wash the carriage in front of the inn by using the brush on it. Next, to up to Ben's room and give him the lab coat. On the field, push the kite into the air. When Ben asks, say him that you want to reconsider the situation in yer lab. Walk to Red's secret lab and take the left-handed hammer hanging to his left. Go to the horse and open the door on the left side. Use the left-handed with the right-handed hammer and enjoy the sequence. Now give the red paint to Bernard and switch to him. Go to the lobby and then, through the double doors, into the party-room.

Open the grating next to the fireplace, walk to the right and maneuver the chattering teeth into the grating. Pick 'em up and pass them to Hoagie. Go through the swinging door into the kitchen and pickup : the fork on the table, the decaf coffee and the coffee. Open the right door and go into the wash room. Open the cabinet and take the funnel. Again, we take a ride through the fireplace. Pickup the crank and go through the second window. Leave the room through the door on the right and open the trapdoor. Go down. You now have a door to the left and one to the right. Go through the left door and push Edna. The door on the right leads to Weird Ed's room. Take the hamster and leave. Go down the stairway. First door, push speaker and on/off-Button on stereo. Pickup the videotape, push button again and leave. Put the hamster into the ice machine.

Swap to Hoagie, go to the front door of the inn and take the letter out of the mailbox. Give it to Bernard and swap to him. Go to the second door and open it. The poor sod inside needs some cheering up so give him the letter. Pick up the flag-gun and the disapearing ink and watch TV. Leave. Third door. After entering the room, close the door and take the keys, then leave. Go down the stairs and take the fake barf which fell of the ceiling (for the germans, fake barf means 'falsche Kotze'). Open the left door and go outside. Paint Ted red and go to the parking lot. Give the keys to the man with the skimask. Reenter the house and use the crowbar on the 'gum with dime stuck in it'. Chew it. Go to Fred's secret lab and give him some decaf. Push the lever. Leave.

Go to Edna's surveilance room and use the videotape in the vcr. Look at the monitor. Push the red record-button (WARNING! The SP/EP-Switch has to be on SP!) when Fred just has closed the safe. Rewind it, switch to ep and watch it again. Leave the monitor by clicking on the screen. Leave Edna's room and go to Weird Ed. Squisch some Ink on his stamps and enjoy his torture (smile). Pick up the book and the stamp and return his favourite past-time to him. Go down the stairway and into the third room (the one with the fat customer sleeping in the heard-shaped bed). Insert the two dimes into the little silver box in the right corner of the room. Take the sweater. Leave. Go to the candy machine and use the crowbar to get its quarters. Pick them up. Go down to the office and open the safe.

Take the contract and go to the washroom. Throw the sweater into the dryer and insert the quarters. Take the fireplace to get to the roof and enter the second window. Untie Fred and take the rope outside. Use it with the pulley. Go down the chimney, out of the house and use the rope with red Ted. Go back up to the roof and pull the rope. Again, go up to the roof and enter the room. Use Ted with Fred. Use rope with Doctor Fred. Go to the roof, pull the rope and laugh. Use funnel with Fred. Use coffee with funnel. Laugh. Give the contract to him. Now give the following answers : 4, 4. Stamp the contract, give it to Hoagie. Hoagie inserts it into the Mailbox and YIEEEHAAA! off goes the pony express... Now search a phone (with Bernard of course) and order the diamond. Lets have some fun and steal George Washingtons teeth, shall we ? Well, go to the party-room and exchange the flag-gun with the cigar lighter.

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Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle spieletipps meint: Brillantes Grafik-Abenteuer von Tim Schafer & Co. Sogar Vorgänger Maniac Mansion ist im Spiel komplett enthalten. Witzig!
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