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This is a walkthrough for the Super Mario 2 part of Super Mario Advance. As most of you may know, Super Mario Advance is a combination of Super Mario Bros. 2 and the classic Mario Bros. Super Mario 2 is the main part of the game, with new features and graphics to make it way better than it's earlier versions on the NES and SNES.

New features are things such as slightly new level designs, new items, bigger enemies and items, new secrets, new dream-world creatures, new rotating effects, hidden Ace Coins and Yoshi Eggs, new sounds, voices for characters and bosses, and more! The game is outstanding, and has incredible replay value.

As much as I love Mario Bros., there isn't much to write about it so this FAQ is strictly Super Mario 2. It will help with finishing stages, finding Ace Coins and Yoshi Eggs, boss strategies, etc. So, please enjoy!


Like the original, there are four playable characters. Each one has their own unique abilities and stats. No character is better than the other, but some char acters are better at certain obstacles than others.



'His skills are the most balanced of the characters.' ~ Manual Basically, like always, Mario is the most well-rounded character of them all. He has average jumping, speed, and power. He's perfect for beginners and is pretty much great for almost any stage!



Jump (Good)- Mario has a normal jump.

Speed (Good)- Mario isn't the fastest, but still fast.

Power (Good)- Mario can pull up items rather quickly.



'He's got loads of jump ability, but he's rather slow.' ~ Manual Luigi is surprisingly the highest jumper. Not best, but highest. He, however, suffers from bad power and speed. He's good for stages with high platforms, but he's bad when running and pulling vegetables is the case. He's better for experts since he slides around a lot, due to clumsiness.



Jump (Great) - Luigi jumps very high, but is sensitive in the air + ground.

Speed (Ok) - Luigi is slow, but not the slowest.

Power (Ok) - Luigi is weak, but not the weakest.



'He has the weakest jump but lots of power.' ~ Manual The characters' stats are very surprising. You'd figure Mario would be the best jumper. And Toad is actually the most athletic of the characters! He is the strong est and fastest. Vegetable magnetism, possibly? However, he has the worst jump like a broken pogo stick. He's very similar to Mario in gameplay style.



Jump (Bad) - He can't jump very high or far.

Speed (Great) - He is very fast!

Power (Great) - He can pick up anything quickly!



'She can float on air for about 1 1/2 seconds when you hold the A Button down.' ~ Manual Peach has some of the weakest stats. However, she still remains as one of the best characters. 'How' you ask? Well, she has the ability to float in mid-air if the hold down the A Button. She may not jump high, but she can make a lot of distance with her jump. She's great for beginners.



Jump (Good) - Peach can float in mid-air, making great distance.

Speed (Bad) - Peach is the slowest character.

Power (Bad) - Peach is the weakest character.

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Super Mario Advance

Super Mario Advance

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