World 4 - Snowlands: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance

World 3-3

This stage is very hard, especially if you are trying to get the Yoshi Eggs. It's very long, as well.



  • 1 Over the last wooden post of the second screen.
  • 2 On the 3rd screen, take the first door and climb up. Super Jump to it.
  • 3 When climbing up to the door at leads outside, it's on the left.
  • 4 Right above the door used to exit to outside.
  • 5 On the platform behind the hawk's mouth.


  • 1 At the start of the 2nd screen, after the 3 posts (each one higher than the other), pick up the rightmost plant for a Potion. Move back and create a door on the 2nd post. The egg is on the 3rd post.
  • 2 After climbing up the plus-shaped platforms, instead of entering the door on the right, keep going up. Try to Super Jump onto the blue structure without hitting the army of Sparks and Ninji. If success ful, climb up the right ladder. Pick the rightmost Potion at the top. Drop back down and create a door on the blue structure.


Thanks to Nintendo Power Advance (for a lot of this guide, by the way). Once entering the room that leads to the key (with tons of Shy Guy vases), at the top, pick the plant for a Shell. Return to the bottom and throw it into the hole where the door is. Shy Guys will begin walking into the hole and get defeated. Continue until you begin collecting enough points to gain 1-Ups. Pretty soon, you'll be maxed out at 99 lives! Just be patient.


For a huge shortcut, take the first door in the 3rd screen. Pick up the Ninji at the bottom and climb to the top with it. Once you reach the dead end, throw it down on the highest, leftmost platform. Jump on it and charge a Super Jump. When it reaches its highest jump, Super Jump up-left. You have now skipped the key and plus-shaped structure parts completely!


For this remake, Nintendo invented a new boss. This boss is rather difficult, and takes a while to beat. I recommend using Mario or Toad, since you have to pick up giant-sized eggs. Hang on the chains the entire time. Robirdo's ground pound and ramming attacks can't harm you that way. When she fires giant eggs, land on the first one and pick it up. Immediately bean her with it, then immedi ately grab the chain. If you don't, she'll ram you. You can stand on her head, though it does no good. You have to hit her 5 times. There are plenty of Hearts and Heart Radishes for your taking.

World 4 - Snowlands

A platform game isn't complete without ice stages. The ice stages are surpringly very easy, except for the longer 4-3. Still, it's a sinch.


World 4-1

This stage is short and VERY simple. Don't even worry. All of the Ace Coins are in plain sight and easy to get, making them hard to explain.



  • 1 There's a platform with an Ace Coin under it. Beside it is a Potion. Take the Potion to the right where the fish are jumping. The egg is near there.
  • 2 Before the rocket upwards, there's a Potion. Create the door right there. The egg is where the plant for the rocket would be.


World 4-2

This stage is easy, as well. The start can be difficult for a newbie, but try ducking and weak jumping to get passed the barrage of Beezos.



  • 1 In plain sight at the start of the 1st screen.
  • 2 In plain sight after the first jump on the 1st screen.
  • 3 On the tail of one of the whales.
  • 4 On the tail of another whale after #3.
  • 5 Near the Autobomb; can't miss it.


  • 1 Once entering the whale area, go left. Pick the Potion that's on top of the leftmost whale (is the whale growing mold or something?). The egg will be on the leftmost side of the second whale.
  • 2 After the fourth whale, there are four pillars. The last one has a Potion. The egg is on the first iceblock to the right of that pillar.

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