World 5 - Forest: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance


Simply defeat the Porcupos with the giant POW Block at the very start of the stage for an instant 1-Up. This one's kind of obvious.


Another warp. Get the Potion from the fourth pillar after the fourth whale and go right. The first vase you find is the warp. Put the Potion down beside it and use the vase in Subspace to warp straight to 6-1!


Throw the Shy Guy off the Autobomb and use it to get over the spikes. Be sure to duck. And don't hold the Shy Guy or else you'll fall off. On the other side are two Porcupos; it's hard to avoid them without Luigi or Peach!


World 4-3

Bigger isn't always neccessarily better. This stage is very big, and very slick. It's difficult as well; at least the boss is a sinch.



  • 1 Up above the little island after riding Birdo's egg; use Luigi.
  • 2 Enter the first door, climb up the icy platforms, it's on the left.
  • 3 In the room where you have to ride a Shy Guy, it's in plain sight.
  • 4 To the right of the locked door.
  • 5 In the room before the boss, upperleft corner of the room.


  • 1 Near the Birdo at the start of the stage, pick up the leftmost plant for a Potion. Now go all the way left. The egg is atop the largest snow plant (the middle one).
  • 2 After entering, going up, then going back outside again, you'll find a small area with seemingly no use. Pick up the Potion and go left. Climb the clouds to the top of the castle. Create a door on the first platform of the castle. The egg will be on top of you.


In order to make any progress in the stage at all, ride on top of one of Birdo's eggs at the start to the right, over the water.


Instead of taking the first door into the castle, use Luigi or Peach to make a running jump to the right for a minor shortcut. However, you miss an Ace Coin if you do this.


He's rather simple. I recommend using Peach or Toad. Stay on top. Pick up a Mush room Block, but (if using Peach) immediately float so you don't fall off. When Fry Guy comes over, throw it on his head. If you dropped the Mushroom Block down, get the other one and use it. If both fall down, sneak down and get one to hit him once more. When he's hit 3 times, he splits into 4 miniature Fry Guys. Defeat each one with a Mushroom Block to win. Toad is also recommended since he can pick up Mushroom Blocks so quickly.

World 5 - Forest

These stages, except for the last, are rather easy. They can be frustrating if you are trying to get Ace Coins or Yoshi Eggs, but still, easy.


World 5-1

This is a short level, where you go over waterfalls using logs and Trouters as your platforms. I highly recommend using Luigi or Peach here.



  • 1 Right beside the Panser at the start.
  • 2 In between the 2nd and 3rd logs inside.
  • 3 In between the 3rd and 4th logs inside, near the bottom.
  • 4 After the 5th log, with the Trouters as stepping stones. Can't miss.
  • 5 Go down the waterfall with the last Trouter. Try to jump back up.


  • 1 Grab the Potion at the start and take it with you all the way passed the logs and Trouters. Then you'll be on a plateau with a log and another plateau in front of you. The egg is on the plateau in front of you.
  • 2 You must use Luigi to get this. At the last two logs, hop onto the left edge of the last log while it's at the very top. Make a running jump forward OVER the screen. Drop down to the left Mushroom Block that's just floating there. Pick it up and fall down. Pick the Potion and go inside. The egg will fall down the hole the Mushroom Block previously clogged up.


Green Birdo is very annoying, especially here. She spits only fireballs, and you have a single Mushroom Block to work with. It's difficult, but don't go back to get your Mushroom Block until she's moved. Mario or Toad are good here, but bad for the level, so Luigi is your best bet.


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