World 6 - Deserts 2: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance

World 5-2

Again, I found Luigi to be a good choice. There are a lot of high jumps. There are also a lot of narrow platforms, so Peach is also a good choice.



  • 1 Use the 1st set of Hoopsters to Super Jump left w/Luigi to get it.
  • 2 Ride the Ostro near the Porcupos and use Luigi's Super Jump; hard.
  • 3 In between two Hoopsters, again, use Luigi.
  • 4 Above the vase in the clouds; can't miss it.
  • 5 When dropping, hang left near the end to grab it. Watch for spikes!


  • 1 Go down the first vase and come back with a Potion. Go right until you reach a set of very thin pillars over pits, surrounded by Hoopsters. Try to make the door on a thin pillar without dieing. The egg is on one of the pillars.
  • 2 Climb the longest vine on the cloudy area. Defeat the first Snifit you see on the right. Pick the Potion that was under him. Now, ride a Hoopster to the very top. The egg is on the cloud right beside the door. Very difficult.


Usually, at the start of stages, there are Hearts or something to start you out. Here, there's merely a giant Shy Guy. Throwing giant enemies will make a Heart float out, even if the enemy is still alive. Keep this in mind.


You fight another Red Birdo here, in a narrow area. There are no Mushroom Blocks. You can either use her eggs, which is getting rather tough with the new environ ments, or you can pick the Trouters and use them. When you run out of Trouters, run off screen and back on and they'll return.


World 5-3

DANG, I hate this stage. Mainly because of the annoying Albatoss at the start; I hate Albatoss and Beezo. Anyway, there's a warp if you want to skip to the end of the game real quick. Or you can NOT CHEAT (what an idea!) and just play.



  • 1 At the start is a vase. The coin is over it.
  • 2 In between 1st and 2nd huge background trees.
  • 3 In the sandy area, it's in plain sight.
  • 4 Once outside, it's in the upper area while riding the carpet.
  • 5 A little after #4, but lower.


  • 1 Get any of the 3 Potions at the start, and go to the t-shaped stru cture of logs. It's in the gulley before it.
  • 2 My strategy works, but may be kind of difficult. Once going under ground, swipe the Mushroom Block over the vase and place it one tile from the side of the disposable blocks on the ground to the left of the vase. Stand on the block and left the Bob-ombs wander around until they blow up the floor. Take the Mushroom Block and drop down. Place it on the left side of the small plateau at the bottom of the hole. You, go left. The Bob-ombs can't reach you here. Get the Potion and create it ON TOP of the Mushroom Block. Duck and jump through the small gap onto the block. Enter the door, then immediately charge the Super Jump to get the egg above. Difficult? Yeah.


This one's easy. At the very start, you'll see the vase. Get up there one way or another (easiest with Luigi) and get the Potion right beside it. Simply enter the vase in Subspace to warp to 7-1. Major, great shortcut!


I developed my own strategy for this nasty fiend. First off, using Toad is a wise decision. If you have trouble jumping, then stick with Peach. There are steps leading up to Clawgrip, with a narrow pit at the bottom. Stand on the first step and duck. Clawgrip will throw stones at you, but can't hit you while you are ducking. When one rolls over, jump on top of it, charge another Super Jump, and jump and throw the stone at Clawgrip. Repeat.

World 6 - Deserts 2

Deserts revisited. Aside from the faster, more annoying quicksand, these stages are still really easy.


World 6-1

The only threat is the quicker quicksand. Use characters with higher jumps.



  • 1 In between the 3rd log and the cacti; use Luigi.
  • 2 In between the 4th and 5th logs; ride a Pokey to get it. Very high.
  • 3 In the garden of cacti before the door. Easy to miss.
  • 4 Once entering, go down and left after going off the ledge.
  • 5 Near the 14th vase, easy to miss.


  • 1 Go into the first vase in the stage, and come out with a Potion. Create it on top of the vase, not on the quicksand. The egg will fall onto the quicksand; grab it quickly (no pun intended)!
  • 2 Go to the end of the cave and get the Potion. The egg is somewhere in the center of all of the vases.

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