Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance


One of the 21 vases has a key inside. To make your search easier, it's the 17th one, or the 5th one from the right. Inside, you have to dig for it and the Shy Guys are annoying. This Phanto is faster, so be careful!


You have 3 Mushroom Blocks. Use two to make a barrier for protection against the Birdo's fireballs, then use the other to defeat her.


World 6-2

This stage requires you ride Albatoss, so Peach is a great choice.

(Get a higher Albatoss to make everything easier.)



  • 1 It's high near the start; can't miss it.
  • 2 Right before the high pillar with the Potion.
  • 3 This one is high after #2.
  • 4 High as well, after #3.
  • 5 A low one; requires death to get it.


  • 1 There's a Potion on a pillar, with a thinner pillar beside it. The egg is on the thinner one; easy.
  • 2 This one is A LOT harder. Catch a ride with an Albatoss moving left. Go through the door and back in to regenerate the Potion. Go back to the Potion from #1 and get it. Continue riding until you get to the end. The egg sits on the thin pillar before the Ninji and the door.


The giant Shy Guy works good for multiple hits, and for Hearts!


World 6-3

This stage looks hard, but it's really not. There's even a shortcut straight to the end at the very start!



  • 1 Before the first skeleton log.
  • 2 Once you start climbing up, it's in plain sight.
  • 3 Another one in plain sight, on the left.
  • 4 Under the 5 vines with Hoopsters infesting them.
  • 5 As soon as you climb the last vine, charge a Super Jump upleft.


  • 1 Get the Potion at the start and throw it onto the skeleton log. The egg will fall into the quicksand, and sink VERY FAST!
  • 2 In the clouds, go into the vase and come out with a Potion. The egg is on the cloud to the left of the vase.


At the very start, climb up the ladder and sink into the sand on the left. Then, continuously jump while moving left under the wall. The other side has a door. Go inside and you'll be on clouds. Jump across to the boss door.


The only difference with Mouser this time is the Spark that raids the room. Wait for one of Mouser's bombs to kill it, then defeat Mouser the normal way.

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