World 7 - Clouds: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance

World 7 - Clouds

The final world has only two stages, but they are hard. Prepare yourself, and use Peach a lot!


World 7-1

A lot of climbing clouds and throwing Mushroom Blocks, so Toad is also a good choice.



  • 1 It's over the second bridge of disposable blocks.
  • 2 When flying left with the Albatoss; you can't miss it.
  • 3 After taking the rocket, use the left pillar to reach it.
  • 4 Above the dome of Mushroom Blocks with a Spark inside.
  • 5 Right beside Birdo!


  • 1 At the second bridge of disposable blocks, jump atop the pillar and grab the Potion. The egg is right there near it.
  • 2 At the top of the last screen, get the Potion on the right and you'll find the egg easily.


Instead of traveling right after climbing the ladder, you must ride an Albatoss left. This isn't very easy to figure out on your own.


World 7-2

This stage is the most difficult of any stages, spawning a huge maze with two different paths to Wart. There are even Birdos in the stage as normal enemies! Be very careful here. Peach works good.



  • 1 After the vase of Bob-ombs in the first room, do a floating duck jump right and proceed right, avoiding the Pansers, to get it near the spikes. Duck-jumping-floating works good.
  • 2 Now, jump up the treadmill and continue right. Climb the chain. Move left; it's in the center of the room with Sparks.
  • 3 Continue up the stage. Go in the first door you see (take the left chains). In this area, climb down the ladders until you see the coin to the left. Float over to it.
  • 4 Go back through that door and continue up. Go through this door. It's in plain sight in the next room.
  • 5 Continue right, then go down the chain. Run from the Birdo, then head left. Skip the locked door and go down the chain at the end. Run from this Birdo as well. Go down the chain. Proceed down and you'll see it near the first set of spikes.


  • 1 Go to the area where you got Ace Coin #3. Drop all the way down and climb down the ladder. Get the rightmost plant, a Potion. Create a door to the left of the door you used to get in there. The egg is in plain sight.
  • 2 Take the chain left of Ace Coin #1 and follow the path. Go down the room with tons of Mushroom Blocks. Go through the bottom door. In the next room, go right and go through the first door you see. In this room, get the Potion and create the door near the door you used to get in there.


There are two Birdos here; one has a key. So, defeat them even if you refuse to.


Instead of using the hawk as an exit, you fight it! Just smash its face with Mushroom Blocks and you'll do fine.


Stand on the leftmost, purple platform. Jump and float over his snot bubbles. Catch or pick up vegetables when they pop up your way. Hop to the rightmost platform. As soon as Wart opens his big mouth, and right before the snot bubbles start shooting out, throw the vegetable into his mouth. Repeat.



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