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When you dig up an item called a Magic Potion, throwing it down will create a door. Enter the door to enter Subspace, a mirrored version of the normal world. There are no enemies, but you'll quickly go back to the normal world. In Subspace, you can find Mushrooms, Yoshi Eggs, and the grass patches all contain Coins.



Stand in front of doors or entryways and simply press Up to enter them. You cannot enter doors that are floating in mid-air.

Items and Goodies

There are many items in the game, some are hidden in grass patches while some are in clear sight. Most are used to attack, while others may refill life. Here is an explanation of each.



These large vegetables, ranging from a variety of radishes, carrots, peppers, and turnips, take a little longer to pull them and can be used to attack enemies.



The new larger vegetables take a very long time to pull up, but are bigger so they can hit enemies easier.



These take very little time to pull up, and are good as weapons as well. None of the vegetables are more powerful than others.



Pulling up a Heart Radish automatically turns into a recovery Heart, restoring one Heart Container. These are incredibly helpful and are often spread out near bosses for your use.



These blocks have many uses. Pick the heavy objects up and toss them as weapons, or use them as stepping stones. Stack them up and use them to your advantage. Some times, items are hidden under them.



The bomb is used to blow up disposable walls (they look a lot rockier). When they start flashing, they'll soon explode so quickly toss them down or else the BOMB! explosion will harm you. You can pick them up after dropping them; just hop on top of them!



Toss a POW block and every enemy on the ground on the screen will automatically be defeated.



The giant-sized versions bounce around on the screen until they disappear, repeat adily disposing of enemies on the ground.



Coins can only be found in Subspace. Pull up any grass patch to collect one. Coins give you one play on the Slot Machine game, played at the end of the every stage.



The shells are now giant-sized. Throw them and they'll defeat every enemy they hit. They now bounce off of walls instead of normally disappearing. You can also hop on them for a ride. Be careful; the shell can now hurt you, too! Every enemy defeat ed with a shell results in a Heart no matter what.



There are five coins hidden in every stage. Collect all five to get a 1-UP. Collect all of them in the game to get a 100%-clear rating.



Only found in Subspace. Pick one up to eat it. You'll restore all life and get an extra Heart Container, for that stage only.



Sometimes, they are hidden underground. Other times, you may find them in bubbles. Hit the bubble with three vegetables of any size to pop the bubble. Then, you can get the 1-UP. 1-UP Mushrooms give you an extra life.



Unlike before, the Hearts will not float up from the bottom of the screen randomly but now, instead, be spread out throughout the stages. Simply touch one and you'll recover one Heart Container. If you defeat more than two enemies, one will float up for that enemy and each enemy after that. You automatically gain one from pick ing a Heart Radish.


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