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Pick up the large keys and run! The Phanto enemy, the guarder of keys, will begin to chase you. As long as you aren't holding the Key, he won't chase you. In that case, throw it to get him off your tail. Enter a locked door while holding the Key to enter it. You can also defeat enemies with the Key.



Dig one up and throw it. It will create a door to Subspace. Sometimes, the Mushroom or Yoshi Egg is not near the grass patch where you got the Potion, so you may need to move around a little. Sometimes, there is no Mushroom or Yoshi Egg but the Potion is used for shortcuts or coins.



These just sit around the stages. Grab five of them and a Starman will begin to float up from the bottom of the screen.



Grab the Starman to become temporarily invincible, defeating any enemy you merely touch. You can get a lot of points for defeating multiple enemies at once.



Pick four large vegetables. The fifth one you pick will be a stop watch. It will automatically take action, freezing all enemies on the screen. They can still harm you if you run into them, but they can't move! This freeze is only temporary.


Slot Machine

At the end of every stage, you play the Slot Machine game. For each Coin you collected in the stage, you get to play. If you don't collect any Coins, you don't get to play at all. A new feature in SMA! You can choose how many Coins to bet, resulting in much higher winnings!


If you have at least 1 Cherry on the machine, you get a 1-Up!

If you have at least 2 Cherries on the machine, you get a 2-Up!

If you have all 3 Cherries on the machine, you get a 3-Up!

If you have all 3 Lucky 7's on the machine, you get a 5-Up!

If you have all 3 of any other picture, you get a 2-Up!


Wager x Picture Value = Number of Bonus Lives!

So, in that case, if you bet 10 coins and got a 3-up, you would get a 30-up!


There are a lot of unique enemies found in SMB2. Because I was bored, I also noted if these enemies appeared in future Mario games and all the games that, to my knowledge, they did appear in.



These are the 'Goombas' of the game. All they do is walk. They are vulnerable to virtually any kind of attack. Like Koopas, red ones will walk off of platforms and even follow you, but blue ones stay put on platforms. Shy Guys later become the main enemy of Yoshi games, and is even playable in Mario Tennis!



Snifits look like gray Shy Guys, but are different. Like Shy Guys, they also come in a variety of colors. Gray ones don't walk, but fire bullets constantly. Red ones walk off platforms, and follow you, while blue ones stay put on a platform. Red and blue ones very rarely fire shots. Snifits are characters in Super Mario RPG, and also appear in Mario Party 3.



These black star-like things do nothing but hop up and down. Up and down, up and down. Some will run after you, and hop to confuse you. They are basically hopping Shy Guys; they are weak to anything. They make a return in Super Mario World, for a brief moment at the very end of Bowser's Castle.



These are like flying Shy Guys with pointy forks. They swoop down to your level, then chase after you. Very annoying. You can ride them, but doing so requires you keep moving or else you'll slide off. Bad idea. Beezo is an enemy in Super Mario RPG.



They climb trees, chains, vines, etc. They can be defeated virtually any way possible, like most enemies.


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