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Tweeters are little masked birds that walk around and hop. They are basically hopping Shy Guys. You can ride them, like Shy Guys, to get over spikes. Tweeters appear in Nimbus Land on Super Mario RPG as soldiers for the castle.



Phanto won't harm you unless you steal the key. He'll chase you until you drop the key, but he'll start again as soon as you pick it back up. He'll also disappear if you enter a locked door with the key. Phanto cannot be defeated.



These are like Piranha Fish. They hop out of waterfalls, then go back down. Some times, you must use them as stepping stones in order to get over waterfall pits. You can pick them up, but you'll probably fall to your doom after losing your little stepping stone.



These are purple hedgehogs. Unlike almost any enemy on the game, you cannot pick them up because of their sharp quills. Defeat them any other way but that. Porcupo was an enemy in Yoshi's Island.



Bob-ombs are very annoying. Albatoss like to throw them onto you, which is very annoying. They chase you down until they explode. You can pick them up, but they may explode on you. Sometimes, you may accidentally dig one up. Throw it immed iately! It's already about to explode! Bob-ombs quickly made a reappearance in Super Mario Bros. 3, and soon became a very common Mario character.



Albatoss are big birds that drop Bob-ombs on you. They can't be defeated, but you can ride them. Unlike Beezo, you don't have to move to ride them making them per fect for shortcuts.



Pidgit owns a magic carpet. He'll swoop down and try to hit you. When he does, hop onto his back and throw him off the carpet. Now the carpet is ours. Simply move the Control Pad and you'll move the carpet. When it begins to flash, it will disappear short after so jump off!



Cobrats are big red snakes. They hide in quicksand and jars. You can usually see their beady eyes peering out. Be careful; some spit out bullets! If you throw them, they'll disappear from the screen.



Panser is a flower that spits fireballs around. It can't be picked up, so throw an enemy or item at it. Some Pansers actually walk (the blue ones), which can be a huge pain.



Ostro is a pink flaminco that usually lets Shy Guys ride them. Pick up the Shy Guy and defeat the Ostro with it; the Ostro gives you a Heart no matter how you defeat it. These things aren't much of a threat.



Pokeys are moving cacti, made up of four balls. You can pick up its head, but then the next ball becomes its head until nothing is left. For a quick Heart, pick up its head and hit the bottom ball to defeat the entire enemy. Pokeys can move right through any objects, even walls! Pokeys made a reappearance in an early stage of Super Mario World, and I spotted them in Super Mario 64 again.



These are cannons on wheels, with a Shy Guy riding. When the Shy Guy is riding, it will fire fireballs at you, so watch out! Throw the Shy Guy off and you can ride the Autobomb over spikes and such. I wish I knew what the 'M' stood for.



These pinkish snowmen won't stop until they've tracked you down! They will continue chasing you. They slide around, which can increase their speed by may make them slide to their unfortunate doom (pit). They can be defeated like any enemy.



Very, VERY annoying. These sparks (hence the name) move around platforms and objects. Touching them is a bad idea. Defeat them any other way. Use a POW Block for a quick victory, since they are always stuck to a surface. I believe I saw Spark in Super Mario World, and I remember him from Yoshi's Island.


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