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I believe there is a boss in almost every stage, so get used to it. Only one of the bosses ever reappears in Mario games, and she is the most popular!



Birdo is the boss of almost every stage, coming in a variety of colors to increase difficulty. The pink ones fire normal eggs, slowly. Red ones fire a combination of fireballs and eggs, while green ones fire only fireballs. (?) Anyway, the tradi tional one of defeating one is to jump atop the egg she spits, pick it up, and toss it back at her. Sometimes, there are no eggs for use. So, try the Mushroom Blocks that are usually around her. Birdo makes a lot of appearances in future Mario games. However, I can only think of two. She appears in Wario's Woods and is even playable in Mario Tennis!



You battle Mouser twice throughout the game. His main attack is bombs. He throws bombs. Pick them up before they explode and chuck them back at him!



This three-headed snake spits a ton of fireballs, but his fireballs can't pass through Mushroom Blocks. Make a barrier of Mushroom Blocks, then use the left overs to bean him with.



A robotic Birdo. More on the strategies.



This fireball is a hot head. Avoid his fireballs, then smash his hot head with some Mushroom Blocks. When he splits into four miniature fireballs, squash each one with a Mushroom Block. They increase in speed as each one is defeated, so watch out!



Catch the rocks he tosses at you, then toss them back. I have a much better strategy, but read the walkthrough.



The last boss hates vegetables. If you throw them into his mouth, he'll definitely have a stomache ache. The mannerless beast will fire snot bubbles at you, so watch out for the poisonous balls!




The remake introduces dream-world creatures, which have no use at all but are obviously here just to show off the GBA's rotation effects. These are not official names.



He hides under small hills. Stand on the hill and he'll pop up, holding the hill up. Rather useless ... you DO have Super Jumps, ya know.



You can stand on this ball and jump to automatically perform a Super Jump. Pick it up and throw it and it will roll along walls, like Sparks, and defeat any enemy it touches.



This frosty spike is actually an enemy! It can't be defeated, but will harm you if you touch it in any way, so be careful!


* Most of these enemies are only found in useless jars.


This will walk you through every stage. The game is pretty straight-forward by itself, but if you get stuck, here's the answer. Or, if you need to know where the Ace Coins or Yoshi Eggs are, they'll be listed before the stage walkthrough for your convenience.

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Super Mario Advance

Super Mario Advance

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