World 1 - Grass Lands: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance

World 1 - Grass Lands

World 1-1

This stage is pretty simple, introducing you to the game. It's quite surprising that the next stage is a lot easier!



  • 1 It's in plain sight near the start of the second screen.
  • 2 It's in between the two logs on the last waterfall w/logs.
  • 3 Go inside the cave and you'll find it easily.
  • 4 When climbing the plateau, it's on the rightmost cloud.
  • 5 It's beside the leftmost vine near the end of the plateau area.


  • 1 Pick up the Potion on the first plateau of the second screen. Drop down and create the door to the right of the vine.
  • 2 In the plateau area, enter the single jar. Pull up the leftmost grass patch for the Potion. Leave the jar. Create the door beside the jar. The egg will be at the top of the screen.


In the cave, climb up the vine and make a running jump to the left. (Nintendo Power Advance says Toad can't make the jump, but he can.) Super Jump up and toss the Shy Guy aside. Pick up the bombs and throw them down when they are about to explode. If your timing is right, you'll destroy the stony wall (to the left). Go through the door and you'll be in an unusual area. Super Jump up to the plant, then jump left off of the screen and run left. You're at Birdo!


The first Birdo is very simple. Pick up the eggs she fires and toss them back. She's slow and simple; no problem. Mario and Toad are always the best characters to use to fight Birdo, since Luigi and Peach have trouble landing on the eggs.


World 1-2

This stage is very simple, even easier than the last. And's it very short. I can cut off half of the stage with a shortcut I've found, and known about, for a long time.



  • 1 When riding the carpet at the start, stay low and you'll get it.
  • 2 Immediately go higher to get the next one.
  • 3 It's on top of the hill that the locked door is on.
  • 4 It's inside the cave.
  • 5 Right before the boss door. Super Jump to reach it.


  • 1 Pick up the first plant after your carpet ride to get the Potion. Throw it near the Ninjis. The egg will appear where they were.
  • 2 Inside the cave, destroy the first wall with the bombs. Now, go up the ladder and find the plant with the Potion. Create a door, then climb down the ladder to where the Snifit was. The egg now rests there. (FOR SOME REASON, #1 IS DISPLAYED AS #2 ON THE GAME.)


To skip the entire cave part, use Luigi for this stage. Grab a Ninji and toss it in front of the door. Stand on it and charge your Super Jump. When the Ninji jumps as high as it can, Super Jump up and you'll be on top of the hill. Move right and you'll be on the other side of the cave's exit!


World 1-3

A little more complex, and slightly longer. Still, quite simple.



  • 1 At the very start, on the first plateau.
  • 2 In between the two logs at the last waterfall w/logs.
  • 3 Beside the vase at the end of the first screen.
  • 4 When falling down to the locked door, it sits on the left wall.
  • 5 In the locked door, you'll spot it easily.


  • 1 Get the Potion beside the bridge at the start of the stage. Drop down under the bridge, where all of the Trouter and Ninji are, and create a door. It is under the bridge.
  • 2 Enter inside the dungeon and, near the top, enter the vase and come out with the Potion. Create a door immediately and you'll spot the egg.

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