World 2 - Deserts 1: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance


Take a Potion to the vase beside the door (the entrance to the dungeon). Go in the vase while in Subspace to take a giant leap, all the way to 4-1!


This is the first time you fight Mouser. Stand under his platform and try to catch his bombs (letting them fall on your head). When they are about to detonate, plant one close to him. Repeat this pattern until you hit him three times and he is defeated. Before you can reach him, you have to destroy the wall blocking him. Use Bombs in the patches around you.

World 2 - Deserts 1

The desert stages are surprisingly rather easy. You revisit desert stages in world 6, and this is when they are really difficult. But, for now, savor the easy ones.


World 2-1

Very straight forward. It does require some digging, but not much.



  • 1 At the very start, above the bone logs.
  • 2 Above the cactus right before the Panser (on the first screen).
  • 3 Above, to the right, of the last cactus in the first screen.
  • 4 Found on the right side while digging.
  • 5 Found farther down on the left side while digging.


  • 1 On the first block structure of the first screen, jump atop and pull out the Potion. Throw it down. You'll see the egg fall into the quicksand; get it before it sinks!
  • 2 Defeat the Panser. Under it is the Potion. Throw it down on top of the block structure and the egg will be up there.


World 2-2

This one requires much more digging, and introduces you to a red Birdo at the end. It's still very easy.



  • 1 At the start of the second screen, it's above the first bone log.
  • 2 Above, to the left, of the log that goes down the faster quicksand.
  • 3 Atop the block structure at the end of the second screen.
  • 4 Found while digging; can't miss it.
  • 5 Same as #4.


  • 1 After the faster quicksand with the log going down it, find the door on the wall. Enter. Using Bombs, blow up the left wall and go in. Pick up the Potion on the block structure and return to the door. Create a door beside that door and enter.
  • 2 In the room where you dig, dig all the way to the bottom-left. Go to the vase and get the Potion to the left of it. Now, jump all the way back to the top of the sand and create a door at the top.


After the faster quicksand, there's a door (where you find Yoshi Egg #1). If you blow up the wall and go left, you can find a Potion. Create a door on the structure of blocks to get a Mushroom and some coins.


Red Birdo fires three projectiles, then rests. She randomly fires either eggs or fireballs. You can defeat her the old fashioned way, with her eggs, or carry the Mushroom Blocks over to her and defeat her with those. Watch out for the eggs! Even when they hit the wall and fall off the screen, they can still hurt you.


World 2-3

This one requires MUCH more digging, but is still very easy.



  • 1 Above the first cactus of the second screen.
  • 2 In between the 5th and 6th cacti of the second screen.
  • 3 When entering the pyramid, fall down the left side and grab it.
  • 4 When digging to get the key, dig on the left side to get it.
  • 5 In the room before Tryclyde, it's over the sandy pyramid structure.


  • 1 As soon as you enter the second screen, pick up the Potion to the right of the ladder, create the door. The egg is beside the ladder. 2 Once entering the pyramid, fall off the right side. When you land,
  • jump atop the platform with two plants. One is a Potion. Create a door on the platform and the egg is in plain sight.

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