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General Survival Info

Generally, if one of your characters dies, quit and restore. DON'T GO ANYWHERE! The game will autosave, and you're screwed. Always save after leaving a shop. Due to the nature of the autosave, if you leave a shop and then get attacked and die, the saved game location will be in the shop. When it loads up again, it kills the shop. I learned this one the hard way in Highpool, but it could happen anywhere, and if it happens in a place like Darwin or Needles, you're screwed. Macros cab be useful and aggravation-preventing. I usualy set F10 to like 50 ESCs. This makes resting a lot faster. Always give everyone a canteen each. Then you can walk anywhere in the desert. You can also rest safely in the deep desert. The Paragraph Book is absolutely necessary for playing this game. I can't give you all the info.

Creating Characters

You start with four prefab chars. These guys suck dirt. First thing you wanna do is trade the guns off the last three guys, and delete them. Create one character, and trade all the guns to him. Then delete the other useless dude.


Thing to keep in mind when creating chars

Keep rerolling the stats until you get an 18 in IQ. This will get you the most possible starting Skill Points.


Important Skills for all characters

Assault Rifle




Important skills for at least one character


Bomb Disarm





Silent Move



Nifty extra skills

Combat Shooting



The Great Desert Range Surplus Scam

Create three characters using the above rules. Go to their inventories, and drop everything except the guns. Yes, even the ammo. Then set up a macro (CTRL-F key):

1. Create a char. Hit Enter no matter what the stats.

2. Name it anything.

3. Hit Enter on the Skills list.

4. Keep the char.

5. Bring up the inventory, and trade the gun to the first char.

6. Delete the dummy char.

End the macro, and fill up the first guy's inventory with guns. Repeat with the second and third characters, until they are all filled up with guns. Create your last character as above. Equip each char with a VP91Z (if your last char has one, rejoice, and hold onto the ammo for later. Otherwise, just drop everything and grab a VP9 from someone else), and head for Quartz. In Quartz, go to the shop in the bottom left corner, and sell them off. You should get around $6000. Now, equip your dudes with M17s or M19s, and Bullet-proof shirts. Also pick up a Canteen (essential for walking through hot spots) for each of your chars. Also grab at least one crowbar, and a couple of ropes.



Camp Highpool should be the first stop on your trek through the Nevada desert. Search around, and you'll find the shop. Open the door with a crowbar, and kill the juvies that come to stop you. Check to table, and you'll find some clues about what's going on here. At the bottom right of the map, there is a building with some junk on the floor. Check under the bed, and grab some stuff. To the right of this is the most inexpensive doctor in the whole game. Talk to Bobby in the bottom left corner. Ask him about his dog, the cave, and Jackie. Use perception to find the cave on the left side, between two trees. You'll need a rope to get in.



There's not a lot here. Just a dog, a crap NPC and a lot of smegging rocks. Bobby's dog has rabies so put it out of its misery. You can use Jackie to carry things for a while, but you're better off just getting rid of her.


Killing the Kiddies

Fall into the river repeatedly, and the kids will come out of the woodwork to laugh at you. Kill them if you want, but be careful. If you kill them in the right combination, Red Ryder will come after you. If you kill him, then the lake dries up, the place becomes a ghost town, and you'll lose the services of a really cheap doctor. By the way, Bobby isn't happy about you killing his dog. Give him a one way ticket to mutie-kid heaven.


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