Komplettlösung Wasteland

The Abandoned Mine

Don't go wandering around here until you have decent armor and automatic weapons. After that, it's good for target practice. In the little room in the corner, there's some Little People, and some gas masks in a crate.


Rail Nomads

Talk to the Brakeman when you enter, he'll tell you to go see the Headcrusher in Scott's Bar in Quartz. He'll give you a Visa Card. Take it to Headcrusher, and he'll tell you a password. Go to the leftmost tent and give the password. You'll get a shovel, and some instructions on where to dig. When you grab the stuff, you'll get attacked by some ugly guys with crowbars. The guys in the rightmost tent won't understand a word you say. If you're feeling evil, give the password to the middle tent, and you can wipe out the Topeka clan. Slaughtering women and children was never so much fun.


Guardian Citadel

Don't even THINK about going in here yet. You can however use it as a shortcut to Quartz. Just stay outside the little flags.



Note: Resting here can be hazardous to your health. You can rest in an abandoned building, but I've heard rumors of diseases. Head for Scott's Bar, bottom right. The front door is easier. Talk to the riddle dude at the top left. You can get a clue from the guy in the bathroom. Then talk to Ellen over at the bar.


Stagecoach Inn

You can rest here safely. Go to room 18, and talk to Laurie. Grabb the stuff, and head back to the shop. While you're there, grab a couple Snake Squeezins. At the Inn, break into housekeeping. Grab the stuff from the shelves and the cabinet. Kill the housekeepers, and bribe the bums to get out of the way. Little known fact: If you walk north and stand on the tree just outside the entrance and walk into the wall of the building directly north of you, it gives you a message: The power of the Force stopped you from that one, you hoser. Just an interesting side note, doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the game.



Resting is NOT recommended. Pretty straightforward. Kill everyone. Go to the third floor, and kill the guard, get the sonic key. Now go back to the second floor. Use the password and go to the right. Make sure your first character has Silent Move, and go into the door. Pick up Dan Citrine, and head back to the third floor. Open the cells on the right, and pick up Mayor Pedros and get Dan's father's money. Check out the paper on the desk on the left side of the building. Fight your way out and sell off any and all extra stuff.



Do yourself a favor, and kill off the pistoleros one at a time, before you pick up Ace, aand save yourself some aggravation later. Ugly John is waiting for you in the main room, at the bottom right. Don't make any deals with him. Use bomb disarm twice, then use the plastic explosive to open the vault. Examine the map on the wall, and wait for it to dawn on you. The combo to the safe is 11-16-27. Grab stuff, Ace is in the basement. The Mayor and his wife can be let go once you've saved them.



Ace can fix the jeep, but it's not really much use.


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