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Okay, this is a little more complicated than Quartz, so we'll go through it one section at a time.


NE Needles

There are several thing here. The ammo dump, the police station, the library, and a doctor. The first two are most important.


Ammo Dump

Grab everything you can. Be sure to get the Ruby Ring from the corpse. The bloodstaff is fake.


Police Station

Go south past the desk, and talk to the detective about the Bloodstaff. Turn off the security system in the room on the south side, and then grab the ammo from the armory. Don't go into any of the training rooms, unless you want target practice. You can pick up an NPC called Mort in one of the cells, but don't bother, he's useless.


SE Needles

Take the ruby ring to the priest at the mushroom church. He'll talk to you about the Bloodstaff.


SW Needles

Garbage Dump. Go down and search the third level. You'll ge attacked by the Pit Ghoul. Unload full auto until he's dead. There are a couple of NATO assault rifles and rad suits in one of the rooms.

Note: The train doesn't do much of anything useful.


Downtown Needles

This is where most of the stuff happens.


Downtown West

On the north side is a building with 2 guards. Inside is a Bloodstaff Verification Device. Watch out for the cinderblock trap. Next to this place is an old howitzer. South of here is Hobo Dog. Be sure to pick up a Howitzer shell at the ammo dump and use it on the howitzer, SW, Long range. Then hightail it back over to Hobo Dog. It's a pisser. Besides, I used to work at McD's. East of Hobo Dog are a couple of shops, none of which are very interesting. There's a Bard's Tale reference in the occult shop. And give up trying to kill the roaming violinist in the restaurant, it's impossible. I've tried.


Downtown East

On the north side is a three-legged prostitute. Don't have anything to do with her, she's diseased. On the south side is Leroy's, the most important place in Needles. Yes, this is the gun shop. Plus, you can rest safely in here. You'll be camped out here for the duration of your stay in Needles, trust me. East of Leroy's is the Acapulco club, where you can gamble away your money, if you're so inclined. There is also a superloot bag here, if you really want to cheat beyond absurdity. It involves winning one game, not taking the loot, then winning another game at the other side of the table. Go back to the first bag, and hit Down until the loot comes up. Pick up Christina in the alley between Leroy's and Acapulco. Watch out, she's a bit trigger-happy (seriously, in the several dozen times I've played the game, she fires full auto more often than any other NPC).


NW Needles

Don't wander around here, there's lots of radiation. Along the road there's a gas station, which is where you'll start out if you took the jeep. But the main attraction here is:


The Temple of Blood

Approach this place by night, so you can see the radiation. The garage is useless. Go in via the south entrance instead. Watch out for robots, head west, and free the hobo from the torture table. His name is Ralf, and he's good for carrying stuff. There is a launch code written in an empty chair in the sanctuary. Head for the Holy Game room, and play the game. The best way through this is by trial and error, but I'll tell you this much, the answer to the question at the is 30.


Lower Level

Rest up on the dock, then swim across to the island. Kill the snipers in the corners. By now, all your characters should have automatic weapons. NATOs are the best. Blow open the door. JUMP OVER THE PLATE! If you do not, then you will be in a world of shit, because Desert Rangers are not allowed to die without permission! When you first get inside, have each char fire full auto at an odd-numbered group. With luck, you'll take out everything in two or three rounds. No other special strategy here, just plow through everything, and finish off everything in the outer section before going into the inner room. The Blood Priest will be inside with the real Bloodstaff. Keep it safe. Grab as much loot as you can, and head back to the dock.


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