Komplettlösung Wasteland

Missile Interior

You're inside a giant hollowed-out ICBM. Give the launch code to the guy at the control panel. Hint: it's NOT Mortar. Exit through the now-open top.


Mushroom Church

Give the priest the Bloodstaff, and get lots of stuff. You can use the engine to fix the water cooler back in Highpool, but it's not worth it anymore. Congrats. Needles is finito.


Ag Center

Try the Ag Center now. It should be easy. Go to the front desk, and offer to help. Kill Harry the Bunnymaster, and check out the old man's root cellar. Try the cave if you're in need of target practice.


Las Vegas

Don't bother getting the jeep fixed in Needles, it's a rip and it'll just get stolen when you get to Vegas.


Las Vegas General Notes

Robots are a bitch. In general, slicerdicers and chopters are easy, Warroids are annoying, Cyborg Commandoes are dangerous, and Scorpitron is absolutely unfair. Random attacks get on your nerves after a while. There's no shop in Vegas, so you'll have to hoof it back to Needles every once in a while. First thing you see when you get to Vegas is the library (if you entered through the bottom right corner of the icon on the Desert map). About three buildings west on this street is an abandoned building with a bum in it. Give him some money, and he'll tell you the password to Fat Freddy's Casino. Talk to Freddy, he'll ask you to kill Faran Brygo. Agree to it. There's a proton axe in a building near the center of town. You'll know you're in the right place if you get attacked by insects.


Spade's Casino

Talk to Crumb, and he'll give you the password to Brygo's place. If you're feeling especially evil, you can slaughter everyone in the place. By now, everyone should have a NATO. Sell off all your other guns, now you can operate with 7.62 mm exclusively for a long stretch of the game.


Faran Brygo

Brygo's place is east of the center of town, where the Scorpitron has taken up residence. Killing it is a bitch and half. Load up on rockets, split the party into two groups, and attack it from two sides at once. Inside Brygo's place, give the passwords, and talk to Brygo. Here you have a choice. You can talk to Brygo, in which case he sends you to see Charmaine at the mushroom temple (not to be confused with the mushroom church in Needles). Or, you can attack him, in which case you can plow through his place, killing everyone that crosses your path. Check the computer (it's a laugh, isn't it?). On your way to kill Brygo, stop off at the sauna. Check the walls around. Use Cryptology, and open his vault. Grab tons of loot. Kill Brygo, grab the ring. If you choose not to kill Brygo, you can get an onyx ring in the Guardian Citadel later on (by that time, you won't need to reward money though).


Fat Freddy's

If you have acquired an onyx ring (one way or another), head back to Fat Freddy's place. He'll double-cross you, so kill him and everyone else around. No Witnesses.



The prison is in the extreme NE corner of Vegas. Free Covenant, he's a good fighter. Grab loot in the vault.


The Temple of the Mushroom Cloud

Open door with TNTs, grab loot. Talk to Charmaine. She'll ask you to get the Bloodstaff back from the priest in Needles. Bring it back, and she'll open the door to the sewers for you. OR . . . You could kill her and everyone else in the place, and use a sonic key to open the secret doors. Whichever you prefer. Btw, it is not recommended that you sabotage the reactor. It makes it a bitch to get around the central room later on (but it's good for a laugh). In fact, almost the entire east side of the place is useless, except for the library, and the doctor. Additionally, you can pick up Dr. Mike Scott, but he's a lousy fighter, and you should have stocked up on Doctor skills by now.


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