Komplettlösung Wasteland

The Sewers

The entrance to the sewers is on the left side of the Temple. If you didn't get Charmaine to open it for you, look for the wall that says it has a funny slot on it. Go north through the dusty hallway, and down you go. If you thought that the robots outside were tough, wait till you see what's waiting for you down here. Use ropes to cross the river, and the chasm. There will be several fights that will be totally frustating. Among these are Tronosaurus, and Centron Deluxe Models. Save often. There are sections where the walls sound hollow. Use a shovel to dig through. Macros are useful here. You can rest safely while in a tunnel, or on a rope. Clear out the sewers, and collect hardware.

By the time you get to the lab in the second section, you should have at least:

1 Andriod Head

1 Fusion Cell

1 Power Converter

2 ROM Boards

4 Servo Motors

Put Max back together following the instructions, and find out where the Sleeper Base is.


Darwin Village

Watch out for bad guys here. You can give the password for the weapons shop, but it's easier in the long run to kill the guards. Metal Maniac and Mad Dog Fargo are sick, and lying in a back room in the tavern. Go to the lab, just west of the tavern. Mix chemicals with fruits and make antitoxins, and cure them. You can get chemicals in Ugly's hideout in Quartz, and the Housekeeping shelves in the Stagecoach Inn. These guys are better fighters than Ace and Christina.


Sleeper One

The whole purpose of the sewers is to trigger the entrance to the Sleeper Base. It's up in the corner, north of Darwin.


Sleeper Base, Level 1

Look for Secpass 1 in the room to the left. Open the door with a crowbar. Secpass 3 in one of the cubicles.


Sleeper Base, Level 2

Learn skills at the library. Have at least one PC learn Cyborg Tech. Look for a room with a desk. Search the desk for Secpass A. There are two vaults here, the left one is the heavy weapons vault, it only opens with Secpass B, then three LAWs. The one on the right is the main vault, use Secpass 7. Now would be a good time to organize a little. Give all the Secpasses to one PC, and re-order their inventory and put them all at the top. Set macros for each one, and stop recording before you hit a direction.


Sleeper Base, Level 3

Search another desk to find Secpass 7. In this same room, you'll find a secret door. Disband someone (if possible, someone not so necessary, like an NPC), and send them up NE, into the power room. Switch back and forth so you can get the party past the electrified floor. The power has to be on for the doors to work, and off if you want to keep your dudes from getting fried. At the end, kill the robots and use Safecracking to open the safe. Grab the plasma coupler. Try out the helicopter simulator. The door needs a ROM Board. If no one can learn it yet, try again later.


Cloning for the Clone-Impaired Made Easy

The first step is to learn Clone Tech. Then locate the clone fluid machine (just south of the heavy weapons vault). If the machine doesn't work, try fixing the Power Controller (needs a new power converter) in the room in the NE corner of this level. Use Clone Tech to balance the chemicals, then use a jug to get the clone fluid. Take it to the clone pods, use it on the pods, and clone characters one at a time.


Project Darwin

Open doors with Secpass 7. There's nothing on the first level. Stay away from the Mars test area, the mutants are tough. Go to the lower level, and free the prisoners. Then go to the upper level, and kill Finster. Take his head, use it on the Cyborg Interface machine, and dive in.


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