Komplettlösung Wasteland

Finster's Mind Maze

Just keep going through the tests. Don't waste your ammo on the nightmare, you can't kill it. For the one with the arrows, wander around until you're in the top left corner. Then use INT on the square you're sitting on, and eventually you'll hit the bottom left corner, head right. Kill the Lie Spider, and smash through wals with rockets. For the baseball one, use Luck. Kill Finster againm and again, and again. For Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don't, it doesn't matter which one you pick. Use INT on yourself to get out of it. Kill the Giant Finster, and grab Secpass B.


Guardian Citadel

Equip yourself with Laser weapons and Pseudo-Chitin Armor, and go after the Guardians.

Note: You can rest anywhere in here.

KILL EVERYONE. Brother Goliath has a Pulsar Key. The Quasar Key is in the museum. After killing Brother Austin and safecracking the armory, you should all have laser rifles or better.


Outer Sanctum

Pretty straightforward. Kill everyone, except Redhawk, who is in the prison. Get a second proton axe here also. Get the Nova Key from a bed on the left side. The Blackstar Key is hidden in the altar on the right side. Open the portcullis to get to the next level.


Savage Village

Pick up Redhawk and take him to the Savage Village. Return him to his father, and they'll tell you how to get to Base Cochise. While you're there, you can slaughter everyone, lots of helpless women and children. Drop Redhawk at this point, and don't give anything to him, he won't ever trade anything back. Not ever.


Inner Sanctum

Kill everyone (see a pattern here?), and raid the vault. Power armor is very nice. You'll find that second Onyx ring in the room on the left side. Break down the fence to the helicopter with the proton axe. Get in the helicopter when you're ready to leave (any carry-on luggage, sirs?). Make sure you take at least one Rad Suit with you, you'll need it. The helicopter trip is one way only.


Sleeper Two

It is possible to approach Base Cochise on foot, but I wouldn't recommend it, at least not the first time. The helicopter takes out most of the outside defenses. There are two ways in: Use a rocket on a weapons pod, and a rope to drop down inside, or you can go through the front door. Whatever you do, don't type BREAK at the computer terminal, it's a trap. Find the loose panel on either the left or right side, and rocket your way to the next level.


Base Cochise, Level 2

After the bridge, you'll find the cyborg factory. One terminal works, type RUN, then select Admin. Pick up VAX, he's a great NPC. Best of all, he comes equipped. Raid the armory at the NE corner of this level, then head back and find the ladder to level 3.


Base Cochise, Level 3

Pretty simple. Just go through the tests.

One: Walk across the pipes.

Two: Use Perception to find the landmines.

Three: Cross the electrified floors and fans.

Four: Kill Everything.


Base Cochise, Level 4

Kill the guns in the four corners.


Security Center (SE Room)

Find the Security Interval control, and use Electronics to lower the interval a couple times.


Robot Maintenance (NE Room)

Watch for the conveyor belt. At the top is some delicate equipment. Smash it.


OSHA Room (SW Room)

Kill the Fusion Powered Octoron. Silver Stranglers are cheap.


The Reactor Core (NW Room)

So it begins. Equip one PC with the Blackstar Key and a Rad Suit, disband him, and head for the reactor room. Smash the glass wall, and use the plasma coupler to fix the failsafe mechanism. Go to the cubicle in the corner. Use the Blackstar Key on the console.

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