Act 6 - The Promenade in the Gardens: Komplettlösung Versailles 1685

Act 6 - The Promenade in the Gardens

Take tool from ground beside orange tree. Take medicine from Apothecary's. Speak to Le Notre. Go into maze in garden and find the Duc du Maine. Walk around garden and come back to see him. Give him the medicine and take map of maze from bench. Take the list of fables (which Bontemps has given you) and note the number of each one as indicated on map of maze, then arrange them in numerical order:

1. The Cat and the Rats

2. The Dragon and the File

3. The Crane and the Fox

4. The Hen and her Chicks

5. The Hawk and the Little Birds

6. The Frogs and Jupiter

7. The Swan and the Stork

8. The Wolf and the Statue

Now consult each fable in turn, referring to indications in memorandum and build the sentence: It is not in the power of kings to attain perfection. (I went through the maze twice, once in the order shown on the map, once in the numerical order of the fables - you will meet Bontemps on the way out of the maze).

Act 7 - From Supper to Bedtime

Take candle snuffer from Salon of King. Take small key no. 4 from one of orange tree tubs in Hall of Mirrors (use rake). In Bassano antechamber, use candle on fire in fireplace, then on door and up to the attic to find the bomb. Use candle snuffer to take it down, then introduce keys no. 1 to 4 in each of the locks starting at left. Click on bomb then, in order to defuse it, enter the sentence: It is not in the power of kings to attain perfection.

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Versailles 1685

Versailles 1685

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