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Let me just start off by making some comments on the game. While the game was reasonably easy, there were some parts which required some thought. Thus, by reading this solve, it is assumed that you are a fairly good adventurer, since this is more of an overview designed to help you rather than coach you step by step. I am not responsible for ruining the storyline for you, so be warned before you read on. I was going to include the end game save but the file was a little huge so I didn't bother. Besides, I find people who just look at intros and endgames before deleting a game are severely retarded loosers. Anyway, enough chatter, now let's journey into the Labyrinth of Worlds.

Castle Britannia

This is where you start off. There's a hidden door in your room, which if you haven't found that yet then do yourself a favour and do a del *.*. This secret door leads to the surrounding circumference of the castle which can be used as a shortcut, and the sewers are located at the NW corner. However, before venturing into the sewers, you should talk with everyone in the castle for clues. Dupre will hand you the key to enter the sewers. You will be coming back to the castle over and over to train and this is where major plot events occur.


Some items of interest: On level 3 in the Eastern region, are 2 gazers. Defeat them, and you'll find a moonstone, which will be very helpful once you acquire the gatespell runes VAS, REL and POR. On level 4 is a reaper. Kill it and you'll find the key to the armory on level 2. Level 5 is where the big blackrock gem is located. This is your portal to other worlds. You will need to find 8 blackrock gem keys, let Nystul treat them, and then use them on the big gem. Each time you use one, a face on the gem lights up, allowing you access to a different world. There are 8 worlds in all.


The ideal order in which to visit the worlds are:

1) The Prison Tower - (8 small levels)

2) Killorn Keep - (2 medium levels)

3) Ice Caverns - (2 huge levels)

4) Talorus - (2 large levels)

5) Pits of Carnage - (3 huge levels)

6) Mage Academy - (8 medium levels)

7) Ethereal Void - (we're talking 4 dimensions!)

8) Loth's Tomb - (4 large levels)

You will be visiting and revisiting many of these worlds several times. It's not just a one shot affair.

Prison Tower

This world is very simple. Make your way to the top and find Bishop. On level 6 is the main goblin villain. Defeat him and earn a pair of franzium gloves used to pass through the forcefield on level 8. Another pair which you'll need to give to Bishop can be acquired by talking to the smithy on level 5. A troll on level 6 becomes your friend if you release him. Ask him to go to the lower levels and beat up all the goblins. The blackrock gem is found with the goblin villain on level 6. Bishop will tell you to see a lady sorceress in a castle in the sky. This castle is Killorn Keep.

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