Killorn Keep: Komplettlösung Ultima Underworld 2

Killorn Keep

Before talking to the mage Altara in the NW corner of level 1, you'll need to gather information from everyone and talk to Mystell. Mystell will then lead you to try to spy on Altara. However prove your virtue to Altara and she will help you till the end. First she will give you a jeweled dagger to kill the listener who resides in the lava in the castle sewers in the SE corner of level 4. Then she will ask you for a dread spider egg and an amethyst rod to create a powerful staff. The egg can be found in the NE corner of the 4th level of the castle sewers. The rod is found in a glowing room on the first level of Talorus. After you give her these items, including the black pearl she gives you, you will get a staff which must be used at a certain place in each world to destroy the guardian's power there. For the prison tower, use the rod in the place where you found Bishop.

On level 2 of this keep, you'll find the blackrock gem guarded by some headlesses. You will need to come back when you get the runes VAS, EX, and YLEM for the spell Portal. This will let you pass through to the blank space on your map on the SW corner of level 1. Use the Map Area spell Wis Ex to see your surroundings. By going to the second level, from the stairway you will find come upon a guard. Kill him and enter the room where you'll find some brain creatures. Use the pearl-tipped rod here, to rid the guardian's power of this realm.

Ice Caverns

Just slide your way to level two, the stairs are in the SW corner. On level 2 you'll find the blackrock gem in the southern region. It's on a brown patch surrounded by ice. Be careful not to slip into the river when you try to get it. You will also want to make your way to the dam control to access the lost city of Anonondus (sp?). You can talk to Beatrice the ghost here to learn more about this place. This is where you use the rod. She will tell you about filanium deposits in the SE region. You will need this later. If you're having trouble getting to the dam control lever, then just remember that you'll need to change the maze twice, once to get the key, and once to get to the door. By only using the oppositely facing controls you can do this. It's not difficult to figure out the note that you'll find. If you want to make high jumps then cast UUS POR, which is leap.


This particular adventure reminds me of a classic Star Trek episode. What you'll need to do is help the Taloroids, by making some modifications in the Bliy Skup Chamber. To do this you will need the Information crystal on level 2 (the levels can be accessed by either purple pad on the E and W sides) with the signature E0Y2. You will also need the controller crystal found in the sub room with Futurian. There's also a note there which tells you which one to pick up. Lastly, you'll need the delgnizator on level 2 in the room with the Vorz Skup Ductsonore. With these three items go and kill Bliy Skup Ductsonore and the doors will open. Enter them and use the rod here. Now put the Information Crystal on the purple pad, the controller crystal on the yellow pad, and then put the delginizator on the center blue circle. Activate the machinery by pulling on the pullchain. Now go to Historian and collect your reward (the blackrock gem).

Pits of Carnage

This is a barbaric realm, where your might is what determines your status. You can fight some battles in the arena to improve your reputation amongst the people. However the major item of interest on level 1 is the blackrock gem held by Dorstag, the ruler of the realm. He is the undefeated champion and has a damn good aim with a crossbow. Be sure you're ready for the fight before you challenge him to an arena match. After attaining the gem, go to the Northernmost room, where you'll find a trapdoor above you. This is where you use the rod. There are also some plants on the ground. Eating these before sleeping will allow you to see your dreams in the Ethereal Void. More on that later. On level 2 in the SE corner is the mage Zoranthus. He will ask you to trade a sceptre of deadly seeker for a djinn air bottle. The Sceptre belongs to a daemon in Red Hell accessed by the red moongate in the Ethereal Void (in the Dreamworld).

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