Mage Academy: Komplettlösung Ultima Underworld 2

Mage Academy

This whole world is just one big fat test. There are eight sections to the test, one for each level. I honestly found it pretty straightforward, and so I don't think it warrants any major hints. On the 5th level is another moonstone. You should have 2 by now. By placing one anywhere then you can go there instantaneosly by placing the gate spell on the other stone. This will save you alot of time and trouble. On the eight level near the locked door to the secure vault, is a pentagram. You'll find many runes here including Hur and Wis. Use the rod here. Open the secure vault with the key found under a bed in a room on that level. You'll find a grey moongate which will let you enter a certain area of the Ethereal Void. Make your way through the water till you until you find the other end. However before passing teleporting go back and continue the path you were on even though there is no floor there.

You will not fall since the floor is hidden. It's a good idea to cast Night Vision here. Anyway, you'll find a chest with basilisk oil and if you continue along the corner across the void + through the force field you'll come upon another room which looks empty. However there's a hidden panel on the center of floor which holds the VAS and TYM runes. With these you can cast the best spells such as Fly (VAS HUR POR), Freeze Time (AN TYM), Gate (VAS REL POR), and more. Do not drink the basilisk oil, you'll need to drop it in the muddy filanium deposits in the Ice Caverns. So go back there and do that and take a mud bath. When you leave, it should say you're skin is oily. Now is a good time to go to the dreamworld on the Ethereal void.

Ethereal Void

If you arrive here by eating a plant then you will not be able to interact with anything since you will be asleep. Therefore you must either go through the blackrock portal or use a trick I figured out, which I will discuss later. Anyway what you have to do here is ultimately get to the shrine of spirituality. The way to do this is to pass through realms of 4 colors. Then you will be able to get to the shrine which holds the blackrock gem. Use the rod at the shrine to destroy the guardian's power in this realm. The red realm or the Red Hell as it is called is where you'll find the Sceptre of Deadly Seeker. You must cast Iron Flesh (IN VAS SANCT) when you immerse yourself in the lava there to bake and seal the oily mud on your skin.

Trade the sceptre with Zoranthus (see pits of carnage above) and take the bottle you get to the Sigil of Binding which is accessed by the white moongate. You'll know you're there when you see a big skull above a pentagram. Smash the bottle on the pentagram and the air daemon will enter you. If you want to finish this part fast which is not recommended since there is alot of fun stuff to see in this world, then you can use the trick of the moonstones. After eating a plant from the pits of carnage and sleeping you will often end up directly in the shrine of spirituality. But since you can't access your inventory, you won't be able to take the gem. However, if you have both moonstones then keep one on the ground before sleeping, so you can get back. Now keep the other item active and ready to throw (it will take the place of the mouse cursor).

Press F10 to sleep and in the shrine you can release the stone. When you wake up from the dream into the real world, then you can cast gate on the moonstone in front of you to get back to the dream world fully conscious and take care of business. Just remember to use F10 to sleep rather than using the bedroll or you will not be able to throw the moonstone. I did this both ways, and it is worth it to do it the long way since you'll see things that I guarantee will amaze you. There's one cool maze using ancient wizardry graphics and stick figure monsters where you have to make your way to the guardian's head.

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