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First make your dude, I chose the Knight. Then when the game is start go down the stairs and head for the man standing near the bar. Ask him questions about Kingdom, and then you will have more options to ask people. After this, go to the room to the left hand corner of the bar. Talk to the Prior and he will ask you if you want to take a mission for him, answer yes. Now leave the city by exiting the inn and following the path toward the north If you keep following the path (keep close to the top of the path) you will meet a woodsman, talk to the dude and ask him of orcs, continue asking him questions. Go into his house and take the dagger. you can now attack from far away.

Now continue following the path, making sure you check every hole you can see going into the forest toward the north. Once you find it, follow the forest path and soon you will reach the orcs clearing. Don't be fool, just run toward the urn in the southwest corner of the screen and take the urn. Now head back and give the Prior what you found. (Save your game now by going to the inn and asking for lodging.) The Prior sould send you to the castle to the se of the city. Enter and look for the dude sitting on the throne. Talk to him, he will send you on a quest for the 2nd object of power, The Tablet.

Exit the town toward the south and find you will find aa city ( it will take a while head toward the east and south paths when you can). This is not really a city but only an Inn, Save your game here. Continue east and north when you can, will take you to another city, talk to everyone and save your game. Now head toward the south and follow the path (going east and south when possible) you will soon reach the town (again save your game). Talk to everyone and you will soon learn about a trap door under the cellar. Enter the cellar (behind the Bartender) and look for a thing on the wall (in the ne alcove), this will allow access to the castle. Look for the stair going up, be sure to stay away from the guards.

Once you are on the second stair look for the tablet, it is in a small room with no doors. Now leave and save game. Go back to the regeant and give him the tablet, (oh if you try talking with someone the stone will think you are talking to it, ask High King). Your next mission is to find the assassin of the high king. Go south from the original city (don't follow paths) and you will soon hit water. Follow the water toward the east and north and you will find a bridge. Pass the bridge and head south, look for the assassin's hut - it is around here. Enter it and ask the assassin of High King - he will give you a scroll. Now exit his hut and head toward the water (don't pass bridge). Follow water east. Don't worry where it turns - just follow it.

Soon you will reach the Tablet city again. Enter the castle and go onto the 3rd floor. Give the scroll to the dude in the throne - the warden. He will tell you there is a spy. Exit the castle and talk to everyone and follow up on every tip. If you do you will have an obtion to ask about spying. Wait until nightfall (wait in castle) and go to the guard to your right. Ask him about spying he will attack you - kill him and take the scroll. Give the scroll to the warden, he will send you on a mission to save his son. Head toward the north and west when possible and you will soon find a city with a duke in one house - he will tell you the warden's son is near the mountains. Go toward the east (forget the paths) until you hit mts.

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Times of Lore

Times of Lore
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